Hypnotherapy Programs


Group Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss: Trim Life Weight Release Program

  • 93% success rate after six sessions
  • Identifies “emotional eating” and replaces with healthy habits
  • Increases motivation and subconscious implants help control urges
  • Personal Workbook and CD/flash drive ($50 per client)
  • Up to 12 people = one group
  • Meets six times for a 90-120 minutes each time (within 1 month for total of 9-12 hours)
  • Trim Life Weight Release/Healthy Living Program
    Trim Life is about helping people change their eating habits by “changing their mind”.  Hypnotherapy increases motivation and helps to control urges.   The program also uses hypnotherapy to identify emotional eating triggers. The new improved program, designed by the Wellness Institute, in conjunction with the Integrated Medicine Program of Cleveland Clinic, now features six weekly sessions, two hours each, followed by six weekly one hour support sessions upon completion of the program. The program features a book, a workbook, and either a CD or Jump Drive with the recordings. Group, individual and on-site plans are available. Call for rates and dates of the next offered group or to come on-site and present this program to your employees.

Group Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation: Clean-Break

  • 93% success rate after six sessions
  • Powerful mental tools to eliminate the urge to smoke and to prevent weight gain
  • Personal Workbook and Relaxation Sessions on CD/flash drive ($50 per client)
  • Recognize “triggers” and replace with coping skills
  • Up to 12 people = one group
  • Meets four times for a minimum of two hours each time (within one month for total of eight hours)
  • Clean Break Smoking Cessation Program
    Clean break is a smoking cessation program of four weekly classes.  The groups utilize hypnosis to replace unhealthy tobacco habits.  The “tool box” makes quitting more manageable.  One session also focus on food cravings, as weight gain is often a concern when people consider quitting.

    • Four weekly 90-minute group sessions
    • Personal workbook and CD
    • Clear steps to break the habit by recognizing and changing the “triggers”
    • Tools to deal with the cravings
    • New and healthy ways to relax and deal with emotions
    • Group, individual plans or on-site rates are available
    • Call for rates and dates and become a non-smoker
    • The “emotional clearing” in the program, followed by the healing and support, will open participants to new responses which will reinforce increased self-worth as they reach their goal and feel more empowered.

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