Holistic Wellness Services

As our name implies, our philosophical approach is to the “whole” self, taking into consideration the mind, body and soul. Holistic services focus on this integration. When one part is affected, all parts are affected. Rather than separating the body for the medical doctors, the mind for the mental health practitioners and the soul for the spiritual doctors, the philosophy is to consider all parts of the whole. Wellness is a state of balance between the spiritual, physical, and mental/emotional selves.  An imbalance within any of these areas may bring about illness or other ailments and/or suffering.

There has been more and more shift towards the care of the mind, body and soul through alternative and/or complementary services. In mental health the mind/body approach is used when you access mindfulness, EMDR and trauma work, hypnotherapy and dialectical behavior therapy services. These modalities work with the mind and help the body and/or the emotional body heal. Massage has moved into the mainstream of our life and is often used to alleviate the stress (and or trauma) in the body that we have taken on during living. Breath work, meditation and mindfulness is another way to access the mind/body/and soul, allowing for the body to realign, the mind to quiet itself through the breath and our soul to be heard.

As we become more aware of the mind/body/soul connection, we realize that we have to take responsibility for incorporating practices that allow us to have a balanced whole self. More people are searching and taking charge of making their life and their health what they want it to be. Western medicine is only one component, as there are many other options for preventive care offering you a proactive stance for your own health and wellness.  Explore the idea of complementary services for your well being. We offer many services that will support you in this path.

Energy Enhancement System

EE System RoomEnjoy your session in our Energy Enhancement System (EESystem).  In a dimly lite room with reclining chairs, you can’t help but rest, relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

The EESystem is technology that creates an enhanced energy field through generating multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves”.  Scalar waves are column energy that surround you, your body and your cells.  As this energy surrounds you with its column energy (versus straight line laser energy), it begins to recharge your cells, increasing the cell frequency, which in turns begins the process of detoxing the unhealthy cells. It generates morphogenic energy fields that can promote healing.

When you enter a scalar wave field, the energy surrounds you, your body, your cells and your electromagnetic field becomes excited.  This energy catalyzes the mind/body complex to return to a more optimal state through increasing the cell’s millivolt range.  Cells in the human body, when functioning at its maximum health potential, range between 70-90 millivolts.  Disease and aging occurs when the cellular energy depreciates to levels below this range.  The non-linear (Scalar) waves move through the matrix of the body via the crystalline structures within each cell.  These crystalline structures are capable of holding a charge.  This charge begins the process of increasing the cell’s millivolt range and cellular regeneration.  As the cells are charged, toxins in the cell begin to be released from the cell.  Research has indicated that exposure to scalar fields can involve DNA repair.

Reserve your time.  Stay for one hour or for eight hours and enjoy the benefits of this technology.  Call to make reservations.

Cancer Recovery Package

We offer a cancer recovery package bringing together our modalities to enhance and energize your recovery process. Modalities include hypnosis, mindfulness, neurofeedback (braining training), hypnosis, mindfulness, EESystem, and Migun massage facility.

Sessions within the package are interchangeable with hypnosis, neurofeedback, spiritual direction, biofeedback (Heart Math), mindfulness, individual and/or family counseling.

We have developed a program bringing together our modalities of hypnosis, neurofeedback (brain training), alpha/theta training (relaxed and focused brain training), mindfulness, heart math, the energy enhancement system, and our migun massage facility to give you the focus and training you need to reach your optimal best self in the area of your choosing.


Hypnosis/hypnotherapy has a 93% recovery rate after six sessions, making it one of the fastest and most efficient ways to address many issues.  Hypnosis/hypnotherapy is the treatment intervention comprised of inducing a participant into a relaxed, suggestible state and then offering post-hypnotic suggestions for the relief of symptoms.

Hypnosis Programs
  • Trim Life Weight Release/Healthy Living Program
    Trim Life is about helping people change their eating habits by “changing their mind”: as hypnosis increases motivation and the subconscious implants help to control urges.  The program also uses hypnotherapy to identify emotional eating triggers and the habits that began many years ago, using food as a substitute for something else.
  • Clean Break Smoking Cessation Program
    Clean break, a smoking cessation program of four weekly classes, is a unique way to make healthy changes in life, using hypnosis.  The groups utilize hypnosis to replace unhealthy tobacco habits as they first reduce and then eliminate the behaviors.  As people recognize their “triggers”, they can implement coping skills to deal with the cravings. The “tool box” makes quitting more manageable.  One session also focus on food cravings, as weight gain is often a concern when people consider quitting.

Hypnotherapy is the process of psychotherapy with a client who is in the hypnotic altered state of consciousness. (Wellness Institute) The Hypnotherapy process can help clients “access and release previously blocked emotions and work on the age-regressions.  Once that happens, clients have the opportunity to reframe some of the previous words that have become imprinted in a person’s mind, keeping him/her locked into similar unhealthy behavioral patterns, becoming their “lifescript”.  Emotions that have been stored for years can be released and then clients can be open to healing, as participants learn to trust their intuition.  This can also be used for past-life work or dream sessions.

Breathwork is a similar healing process, using an induction process to help the client enter into their subconscious more quickly, identifying patterns and working to heal past traumas, moving into healthier patterns.

Migun Massage Facility

If you carry your stress in your back, neck, shoulders, head or legs you may find relief through a session on our Migun Thermal Massage bed.  This bed offers an alternative to rid your body of the stress and toxins that you accumulate.  Very little is required as you remove your shoes, lie down on the bed, and begin your relaxation process.

Infrared heat is projected through the jade massage heads that travel automatically up and down the spine, neck, head and legs.  Jade stones are said to contain healing properties that hold the heat as it provides your body release.  Release of the stress is further stimulated when the massage heads apply stimulation to acupuncture and pressure points, providing you a soothing relaxation to your body.

The environment allows for a full sensory experience with calming music and aromatherapy to take you to a richer, deeper experience.

Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose to what is going on in this moment in a nonjudging, compassionate way.  Learning and practicing how to be mindful is life changing. Developing the practice of nonjudmental awareness of one’s thoughts and emotions increases the ability to confront and cope with difficult emotions and experiences and handle those moments with choices of responding rather than reacting. Life still happens with its ebb and flow but through mindfulness practice one can learn to maintain a quiet sense of groundedness in the midst of it all.  As we develop mindfulness practice we may find ourselves aware of being uncomfortable, whether it is from a situation, an emotion or chronic pain and also find ourselves being able to lean into the uncomfortableness with a new sense of empowerment to handle life.

Peak Performance

We have developed a program bringing together our modalities of hypnosis, neurofeedback (brain training), alpha/theta training (relaxed and focused brain training), mindfulness, heart math, the energy enhancement system, and our migun massage facility to give you the focus and training you need to reach your optimal best self in the area of your choosing.  Consider the possibilities and the potential awaiting you should you decide to use peak performance to break through your barriers.  Unleash yourself, let your goals be reached and become the best you that you can be.  Manifest your best self.

  • Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is a modality that may be used exclusively as a path towards reaching your peak performance level.
  • Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a modality that may be used exclusively as a path towards reaching your peak performance level.
  • Neurofeedback Neurofeedback is a modality may be used exclusively as a path towards reaching your peak performance level.

Yoga Nidra

The practice of Yoga Nidra invites both a deep, holistic relaxation and an expansive meditative state of awareness. Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep”. However, this isn’t sleep as we generally think of or experience it, unconscious and unaware. Rather, nidra is like a conscious, intentional sleep (Desai, 2017), mindfully resting deeply in awareness, cultivating the ability to bring that deeper state of awareness and its healing benefits back into everyday living.

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