What is EAP?

Employee Assistance Program

Wholeness Healing EAP is designed to allow businesses the opportunity to procure a plan in which their employees are provided with counseling, health and wellness services.  These benefits allow employees to have access to confidential services in order to assist with personal or work-related problems that may impact job performance, health, mental and emotional well-Being.  Employee problems, whether personal or work related, affect work productivity and dynamics within the workplace, so an EAP ultimately impacts and improves the business and the bottom line. EAP services improve employee performance, absenteeism, productivity and engagement.

Because “life happens”, it is not surprising that an overwhelming majority of Americans (92%) agree that personal problems often spill over into work. In fact, each year, one in five employees face a significant problem that disrupts life at home and affects productivity at work. It might be a child in trouble, an aging parent needing care, an unpaid debt or a substance abuse problem. It is difficult for an employee to stay focused on work productivity when experiencing something unbalancing in their personal life. It too often affects getting to work on time, or even getting to work at all.  It can impact focus or begin to affect employees in a physical way. This affects job performance. This affects your business! Each employee experiencing job performance problems costs a company or organization conservatively 25% of salaries and fringe benefits in absenteeism, tardiness, reduced efficiency, accidents, medical benefits, and judgment errors.

Some of the most common personal issues within the workplace include the following:

  • depression and stress
  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • tobacco/smoking issues
  • financial concerns
  • relationship/marital/parenting issues
  • weight issues/obesity
  • grief issues
  • anxiety
  • family problems
  • co-worker communications
  • job-related problems
  • addictions

By engaging in early intervention with our qualified therapists, employees are able to access resources which will allow them to make the changes toward bettering their lives, get back on track when “life happens”, and restore or improve their well-BEING. Through a collaborative effort, employees experience compassionate care while making changes that enhance their lives and the workplace. The ability for employees to function and perform at a high-level consistently is greatly aided by our Employee Assistance Program.

Why Our Program

Our plan is unique in that we offer a menu of options including traditional counseling along with health and wellness services. In addition to brief solution-based counseling, our plan provides for hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, weight release as well as stress-reducing and other issues, neurobiofeedback, mindfulness training and sessions in our energy-enhancing utilities such as the Energy Enhancement System and Migun Massage facility.This gives employees a menu of options to pick from as they work toward wholehearted living and balance.

Our Goal

Wholeness Healing EAP services focuses on the mental, emotional, health and well-BEING of employees, providing proven ways to adopt or improve healthy lifestyles. Our goal is to assist businesses in reducing healthcare costs, as well as employee turnover and absenteeism, while increasing employee morale and efficiency in productivity. We want to play a role in making businesses successful by providing services to ensure that their workforce is safe, well-adjusted, and productive, with an overall sense of well-BEING.


“What matters in life is not what you’re busy doing or having, but what you’re busy BEING. Whatever you ARE is what you will experience in your life. Your ‘beingness’ equals your life experience and affects everything you touch”.
~ Soren Lauritzen ~

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