Top Ten Reasons

Why Your Company Needs Wholeness Healing EAP

1.    Decreased Health Care Costs

The implementation of our Wholeness Healing EAP is effective in reducing company health care costs. The concept of an Employee Assistance Program was introduced initially for dual purposes. Rising health costs meant employers were looking for a way to minimize the expense while maintaining healthy human resources. The inception of an EAP provided an effective solution. Our EAP can significantly reduce the high company cost of employee health care. For every dollar invested in an EAP, companies save between $5 to $16 per employee toward the employee’s well-Being.


2.     Increased Work Place Morale

Employee assistance programs cover a broad range of healthcare initiatives. From smoking cessation to weight release programs to stress reduction, our program brings solutions to employee needs. The effectiveness of our EAP in terms of the work environment is simple. Employees are healthy, therefore, on the whole a lot happier; Their well-Being equates to maximized performance.  Employees are also aware that you/their company is taking measures to ensure their health and well-Being.  This breeds loyalty and responsibility.


3.    Reduced Absenteeism

There are many factors that influence a person’s health and well-Being. These could be minor inflictions such as a cold or flu or major such as heart problems or obesity. Any of these could result in the employee taking time off work. The benefit of our EAP is that this time will be significantly reduced, if not avoided all together. There are many small changes in lifestyle that can influence overall health and well-Being. Our program helps the employee to identify the problem, provides education and together implements the solutions for well-Being. Through education, training and professional health care our program can greatly reduce absenteeism. For your company this is the bottom line, reduced absenteeism equals a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity.


4.    Reduced Overall Costs

Wholeness Healing EAP has a range of benefits for employers. Both quantifiable figures and intangible results highlight these. For the company as a whole, one of the most significant benefits is the reduction in overall company costs. It is hard to quantify what you gain via increased morale, productivity and work performance; however, the reduced sick leave, absenteeism and lower health costs contribute to a sizable reduction in overall costs.


5.     Reduced Accidents at Work

It is easy to see how accidents can happen at work when employees are stressed.  A person suffering from stress-related symptoms may experience difficulty with concentration, mental focus and physical function.  This can be a dangerous combination in any environment.  Our EAP is equipped to prevent this from occurring, or at least prevent it from reoccurring.  Wholeness Healing EAP looks after the mental health, well-Being and the ability of your employees, increasing their ability to function safely at the required level.


6.    Increased Productivity

The goal of Wholeness Healing EAP is to encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles. It is proven that when employees are healthy, they are more productive.  Being healthy increase concentration, energy levels, output and well-Being.  It also ensures your employees are able to consistently perform at the desired level.  Increased productivity in the work place is a by-product of the success of our program.


7.     Increased Responsibility

Your participation in our EAP indicates to employees that the company cares about their well-Being. A well taken care of employee feels an affiliation with the company. They develop a level of responsibility associated with their work. This type of attitude within the work place is invaluable. Employees who feel like the company takes an interest in their well-Being and health will take an interest in performing to the best of their ability.


8.     Increased Company Loyalty

No price can be put on this intangible benefit.  Company loyalty and concern for an employee’s well-Being means reduced costs in terms of recruitment and turnover.  This also makes for a more harmonious work environment.


9.     Reduced Sick Leave

Our EAP has a lasting impact on the cost of sick leave. Through education, in-service trainings and lifestyle management, our well-Being program can considerably reduce the cost of sick leave.


10. Increased Resolution of Work-Related Problems

External stress often results in a reduction in work place performance.  Problems within the work environment lead to absenteeism, high turnover and low morale.  Our EAP focuses on solutions for the physiological health and well-Being of employees by developing strategies for coping with external stress, as well as work-related stress.  In turn, this reduces the impact of work-related stress as there is a quick resolution.

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