Finding the Peace

Finding The Peace

I have written and published a book called Finding the Peace. This book is a memoir of my journey through depression and finding the peace, finding wholeness. I first decided to write this book because of my work with clients over the years. As clients struggled with anxiety, depression, or other difficulties that left them feeling hopeless, I felt drawn to reassure them that there really was hope. In my own experience of conquering depression, I knew that that depression is very treatable and that it is often just a push to do internal work of listening to our self.

As I wrote, the book evolved. Yes, it is a story of a woman’s journey through depression, but it is much more than that. It is about life and we can navigate through difficult times using those times to grow and be all we can be.

I live with the premise that life has a perfect order, that I am exactly where I need to be at this moment. Through my journey, I have been blessed with the gift of being able to see how the pieces of my life actually fit together. Each event or hardship became a stepping-stone in my growth, training me and preparing me for the next phase of my life. The perfection of how my life has played out has been beyond anything I could have come up with had I tried to map it out. My perceived negative moments and painful experiences provided the opportunities I needed to find myself by digging deep and touching my soul. The gift of finding myself, developing who I was, and stepping into this person fully is the real story.

This is our work. We are to develop who we are and step fully into our authentic self. Sometimes pain is the only motivator that will make us take the time to look within, listen to ourselves, and change what we need to in our life. When we can grow through our difficult times, we have used our experiences for something bigger and better. And with that we bless the world and our self.

Everyone has a story. To see the greater good in our own story, we may have to adjust how we look at life. We may have to search for meaning in why this moment is in perfect order. But if the moment helps us in finding and embracing our authentic self, then we have been gifted. My hope is that my story will help the readers consider their own story, the challenges that life brings us and how to use these challenges as a path to finding the peace within ourselves.

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  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
    Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner

  • Janie Pfeifer Watson, LICSW, is the founder and director of Wholeness Healing Center, a mental health practice in Grand Island, Nebraska with remote sites in Broken Bow and Kearney. Her expertise encompasses a broad range of areas, including depression, anxiety, attachment and bonding, coaching, couples work, mindfulness, trauma, and grief. She views therapy as an opportunity to learn more about yourself as you step more into being your authentic self. From her perspective this is part of the spiritual journey; on this journey, she serves as a mirror for her clients as they get to know themselves—and, ultimately, to love themselves.


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