Addiction and Recovery


Addictions are treatable. Therapy is necessary to work on deeper issues, as addiction is often the “medication” used to “numb” the trauma.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluations
These evaluations are also called a Chemical Health Assessment.  A drug and alcohol evaluation is usually the first step in assessing treatment needs when drugs and/or alcohol are involved. These assessments are often requested if someone is facing legal charges, or experiencing consequences or changes in performance at work or school due to drinking or using drugs.

Co-Occurring Evaluations
These evaluations are a key part of the alcohol and drug evaluations.  They are used to evaluate the presence of a mental health disorder. This could be critical in the treatment as the addiction may be active due to the mental health disorder.  If these conditions are not addressed and treated, it is much more likely the person could relapse. Some of the mental illnesses may include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar, etc.

Addiction treatment
We have a menu of options working towards developing a cohesive outpatient treatment plan.  Individualized treatment focuses on helping the client develop coping mechanisms and tools to maintain abstinence.  Coping strategies and treatment used are often Dialectical Behavior Therapy, a 12-step program, trauma work, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.  All our therapists are trained in Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  We also have hypnotherapy and neurofeedback therapy to enhance treatment options and success.

Hypnotherapy treatment
Treatment may also include a hypnotherapy modality which allows the client to work deeply on past issues of trauma and unresolved childhood pain. Trauma is most often underlying, and the addiction is the outcome of inappropriate coping skills.  Hypnotherapy allows the client opportunity to heal the trauma, thus eliminating the need to “self-medicate” with substance.

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