Attachment Therapy

This therapy focuses on improving the attachment between the child and parents, working towards resolving the child’s fear of being close to others. Because the child often does not trust others, therapy includes parent and child so that the relationship development happens between them.  The therapist provides the structure and guidelines, creating a safe space to allow the child to have the courage to attach to his/her caregivers.  Educational components and parenting techniques are all part of the therapy process, including guidance into bonding activities and setting consistent limits.

Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

CPP is a trauma-focused intervention for children (0-5) and their parents used when children have experienced a traumatic event and, as a result, are presenting with some difficulties.  This may include maltreatment, the sudden and/or traumatic death of someone close, a serious accident, sexual abuse or exposure to domestic violence.  The child is seen with the parents or caregivers and they are treated as a dyad in therapy intervention.

Attachment & Bonding Assessments

An attachment and bonding assessment is a specialized assessment that evaluates the quality and nature of a child’s bond and attachment with his/her caregivers or parents. This addresses who in the child’s life offers the greatest centrality in a child’s emotional life, identifying strengths in relationships, emphasizing areas of need.

Support Group for Caregivers of RAD children

This support group is facilitated by a trained foster parent who has experience with reactive attachment parenting.  The support group is offered as an opportunity for parents who are experiencing a high level of stress to find support and understanding in order to help their child and maintain as a family.  This is not a therapeutic group.  The group meets at Wholeness Healing Center the first Wednesday of the month from 7:00-8:30. This is for adults only.  There is no child care available.

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