Mindful Approach to Living – Children

(Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) 9-week course

The Mindful Living Children’s Group is offered weekly, year round for

60 minutes through a contract with the Super Kids Club After School and Summer Program. This group is an 8-12-week program (depending upon the time of year). This mindfulness group is for students going into 3rd through 5th grades. The group is free to participants. Students participating in this group learn valuable life lessons regarding relationships, self-esteem, personal perception and viewing things from other’s perspective, emotional regulation, dealing with bullying and unfair life situations as well as language development, art, social skills, science and brain development and education on how the brain works and operates on a daily basis as well as under stress and high emotion. Students will learn to ground themselves, improve memory and focus as well as enhance their inner being and core strength.  Call the office at 308-382-5297 Ext 110 to register.

April 17 @ 16:00

4:00 pm


Broken Bow

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