Trim Life Weight/Release Healthy Eating Program

Trim Life is about helping people change their eating habits by “changing their mind”. Hypnotherapy increases motivation and helps to control urges. The program also uses hypnotherapy to identify emotional eating triggers.The new improved program, designed by the Wellness Institute, in conjunction with the Integrated Medicine Program of Cleveland Clinic, now features six weekly sessions, 2 hours each, followed by six weekly one hour support sessions up on completion of the program. The program features a book, a workbook, and either a CD or Jump Drive with the recordings. Both group and individual (higher rate) plans are available. Call for rates and dates of the next offered group with questions.

Please note that after the six week 2 hour program, the next six weeks are support sessions of 1 hour each.

April 18 @ 18:00

6:00 pm


Grand Island

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