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Care for the Caregivers

Family life has development life cycles and mine moved into a new life cycle these past few months. My dad, who functioned independently for 80+ years, suddenly wasn’t in that place anymore.  It crept up slowly on all of us. Maybe it was more obvious to those of us on the outside, than my mother…[ Read the full article ]

Family Caregiving

The National Family Caregivers Association has designated the month of November to recognize those who assist someone they care about who is chronically ill or disabled and is no longer able to care for themselves. The country’s healthcare system now depends greatly on family caregivers. These services have been conservatively valued at $375 billion year.…[ Read the full article ]

Sandwich Generation – How to Deal with It

A good friend of mine, whom I will call Susan, has found herself suddenly in the throes of being part of the Sandwich Generation. The Sandwich Generation includes those people who are sandwiched between aging parents who need assistance and their own children and grandchildren. Susan really had no warning that she was becoming a…[ Read the full article ]