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Change-A New Perspective

It is 2020 and often with our new year, we work on identifying changes we want to bring into our life (usually  through resolution type goals). I thought perhaps understanding the stages of change might help each of us assess  where we are in that process and what our next action step might realistically be…[ Read the full article ]

The Impermanence of Life – Sink Into It!

Life is Impermanent. Nothing stays the same. Change is an inevitable part of what we need to accept about life. What is happening in this moment will soon move on to the next moment where the flow of life moves and brings something new. On some level we know this because we have each experienced…[ Read the full article ]

New Beginnings

With the new school year comes lots of new beginnings, new faces, new books, new opportunities, a new chance to start fresh. The fall air is filled with eagerness and excitement. Perhaps it is anticipation of what might be in store for us as we know we are on new ground where new experiences are…[ Read the full article ]