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Gratitude and Giving

The holiday season is upon us and with the commercialism of the season in action, we have been reminded that the time is near by the countdown of days starting well before Halloween. It might be good to take a moment to push the “pause” button. Stop the background commercials that play in your head,…[ Read the full article ]

Gratitude – A Practice that our Brains Love!

With Thanksgiving comes the obvious opportunity to revisit our own inner habits around giving thanks – gratitude.  Although we might feel we have heard all we need to hear about gratitude, and we really do “get” why it is a good thing, science continues to come out with data to support the theory that we…[ Read the full article ]

Gratitude and Giving

As I said good-bye to the holidays and entered into really enjoying this year, I found myself in gratitude for all I have. I enjoyed spending time with family, friends and colleagues in celebrating, but I also found myself reflecting on those less fortunate, on how much more I could have done or given. In…[ Read the full article ]

Staying with the Gratitude Theme

Sharing a very full week with numerous family members and gatherings leaves my heart feeling full this Sunday afternoon. And as family members ventured home, I find myself dealing with the tasks of remaking beds with freshly washed sheets, replenishing towels for the next guests’ arrival, and considering recipes to use up the over abundance…[ Read the full article ]

My Corner of the Room

As we move into fall and into the Thanksgiving season, it gives us a great opportunity to remember to find gratitude for our lives and the people in it who make our lives full. Spending time feeling this gratitude and allowing it to seep into our hearts will give us the base for extending it…[ Read the full article ]

Transmutation through Gratitude

In our last issue I stated that we would talk about transforming our thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions through catching our thoughts and changing these thoughts towards a more positive affirmation. Along with this I briefly talked about gratitude being a transformative experience in this area as well. We can transform (or transmute) our internal thought…[ Read the full article ]