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Hypnotherapy: Why It’s Worth the Work

Guest Writer – Judi Viatale, The Wellness Institute Anyone who has benefitted in hypnotherapy will tell you that it takes some courage, and a lot of work, to benefit from the deep and profound healing hypnotherapy sessions have to offer. While the actual process of hypnosis isn’t especially rigorous, what happens when a client is…[ Read the full article ]

At the Heart of the Matter

As we approach Valentine’s Day, we have heightened awareness of the “heart” and all things heart-related. Also, for us at Wholeness Healing Center, we are very much aware of the celebration of our life and work, entering into our 20th year! Our motto is “Heart-Centered Wellness for Life, and I would like to make this…[ Read the full article ]

Achieving the Greatest Power of Our Mind Using Hypnosis

Our mind is a very precious part of our body, capable of many things, known and unknown, and we are learning more every day about how we can access it more totally, empowering us in ways we have only imagined. According to The Wellness Institute, the conscious mind is responsible for 10% of our daily…[ Read the full article ]

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: The Mind/Body Connection

In the recent training I attended, the Mind/Body Connection and the “possible” emotional connections to dis-eases were explored. If thoughts and feelings have corresponding reactions in the body, those thoughts and feelings can present as physical symptoms, including dis-eases. Along with that, the “gates” along the pathways to the nervous system can actually block the…[ Read the full article ]

Hypnotherapy at Wholeness Healing Center

Hypnosis is the “extraordinary quality of mental, physical, and emotion relaxation which by- passes the critical factor of the mind, and thus the mind becomes highly responsive to suggestion”. It also is the “simple shifting between the conscious and subconscious mind” and as such is a natural state, which we all enter into if we…[ Read the full article ]