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Self-care: the Importance to Everyone

As a therapist, when I see clients, often part of the goals we work towards includes self-care. Many of us get busy with kids and grandkids, work, friends and extended family, groups and organizations, often saying “yes” to others, and often “no” to ourselves. Self-care is important, important enough to be identified as a treatment…[ Read the full article ]

Calling Every Good Wish Home

Years ago, I went to a training for treatment of post traumatic stress through guided imagery with Belleruth Naperstak. Naperstak has written guided imagery CD’s that focus on about anything you might want to work on healing from anxiety, to sleep disorders, to diabetes and cancer.  At this training, there were about 500 attendees sitting…[ Read the full article ]

Self Care Moments During the Summer Holiday Week

It has been hectic at our house. We have more family around than usual along with more gatherings. It adds to the fun of the holiday week and is probably very similar to what many of you are experiencing during the holiday week. I love the time to connect with others and a change in…[ Read the full article ]

Giving too much of Ourselves

As a woman and a mother I have spent many hours in my life trying to help those around me. Women are good at service and so we often naturally do this without a thought. However, sometimes we get so engrained in the pattern of giving to others, servicing others, doing for others that we…[ Read the full article ]