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EAP Benefits From the Therapist’s Office

“Wow, that’s kind of nice, that they recognize the stress we have”. It doesn’t matter if the stress is generated from the office or from home, at some point, there is a high probability that an employee’s stress may affect his/her work performance. In fact, stress from work ends up at home, and stress from home ends…[ Read the full article ]

A Day Out in Rural Nebraska Talking to Employees and Employers

As an Employee Assistant Program (EAP) Administrator, I travel extensively throughout the Central Nebraska region to speak with businesses and agencies about providing Wholeness Healing’s EAP benefits to their employees. Through these conversations, I am privileged to learn more about our Central Nebraska people and the pulse and rhythm of our businesses.  Employers care about…[ Read the full article ]

Reducing Sick Leave

Do you ever get frustrated with workers who call in sick often?  Do you begin to wonder if they are physically sick or is there something bigger going on in their life with which they are struggling? These are concerns that affect the workplace as a whole, from employees to managers to employers. In the…[ Read the full article ]