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A Day Out in Rural Nebraska Talking to Employees and Employers

As an Employee Assistant Program (EAP) Administrator, I travel extensively throughout the Central Nebraska region to speak with businesses and agencies about providing Wholeness Healing’s EAP benefits to their employees. Through these conversations, I am privileged to learn more about our Central Nebraska people and the pulse and rhythm of our businesses.  Employers care about their employees. And employees care about their jobs and the people they work for in Central Nebraska.  Our strong Nebraska work ethic comes out as I talk to the people, both employees and employers. Most want the strong work ethic to be enough to make the job work well. But we all know that there is more that needs to happen as life happens.  Because when life happens, just doing the normal, sometimes just doesn’t cut it.

Life happenings could be a death in the family, having trouble with a marriage, going through divorce, have difficulty with children, struggling with an addiction, having stress or anxiety, having financial issues, caregiving after getting home, or numerous other life situations that come calling. These situations get in the way at work and start to impact job production.  And for a person to be present at work, focused and productive, they may benefit from talking to a counselor for a few sessions to make the life situations more manageable in their home life.  This allows them to leave their home life at home when they are at work.

More and more employers are finding that offering their employees EAP benefits is giving both their employees a benefit that is life changing, and giving their business a boast in their productivity and their bottom dollar. Businesses here in Central Nebraska are pleasantly surprised that the utilization percentage in our EAP program is higher than the national average. Employees are talking about how much they appreciate the services and how much it is helping them get back on track. Employers are finding that it is, indeed, making a difference in the moral and productivity of their staff.

When considering an EAP benefit for your business as an employer, consider the benefit of the whole, as all benefit, the employee, the employer, and the business as a whole, from this inexpensive, but very worthwhile benefit.  If you are interested in providing Wholeness Healing’s EAP services to your employees contact Dawyn Otto, EAP Administrator at 308-382-5297 Ext. 127.

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