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An Integrative Approach ~ The “Whole” Matters

I recently had the chance to meet an internal medicine doctor from Canada who has an integrated health practice. He and his clinic partner (a naturopath doctor) had participated in the seven-day silent retreat that I attended. Randomly sitting down for lunch (after we broke silence) with Dr. Tim Cook was a final golden nugget of that profound week. As he started talking (I had no idea what his profession was or who he was), I had to grab a paper and pen to take notes. I was interested in all he was talking about regarding functional medicine and an integrative approach.

As he talked about his integrative practice and all the facets of focus on health that they address in his clinic, he referenced the book, The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline by Dr. Bredesen. (Bredesen, 2017) In this book, Bredesen shares the ReCODE approach which he states helps with the reversal of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s. I have since ordered and read and listened to the book several times. It is packed with informa tion. I have also tried to tell everyone I can about the book so that people become aware of options towards better health and wellness and how it does indeed matter.

Dr. Cook brought up areas of our life that we already know are important habits that benefit us. He touched on diet (suggesting a keto diet), intermittent fasting (12-16 hours day, 3-4 days a week), exercise, stress reduction, sleep habits, along with appropriate supplements, addressing areas of your health such as inflammation, digestion, hormone function, and toxins. Blood workup is focused on optimal levels versus normal ranges. (Cook, 2017).

Although the medical part of this information is not in our scope of practice, we do believe that healthy parts of the whole lead to whole health. This program may be preventive for you, or may help you increase optimal health and wellness. Wholeness Healing Center can help you with improving your life in several of the suggested areas.

Stress Reduction: We offer an 8-week program based on MBSR for a mindfulness program that focuses on stress reduction (which may be why Dr. Cook was at the silent retreat – addressing stress). The MBSR training that we offer here at Wholeness Healing Center is definitely a tool for stress reduction. Regardless of how you want to expand your health and wellness patterns, this tool can be life changing. Stress reduction can also be addressed with therapy and working through history that causes you stress, or working on how to manage your current stress. We have Dialectical Behavior Therapy groups which give you tools to manage stress. We also have hypnosis/hypnotherapy that teaches you how to find your calm and center and release your old patterns and thoughts. Neurofeedback offers alpha/theta training, another way to move into a meditative state. We also offer time in the Energy Enhancement System which surrounds you with scalar energy which is calming and provides self-care.

Diet: We offer Trim Life: Healthy Living – Weight Release program. This is a 6-week hypnosis program followed with 6 weeks of maintenance, which educates about healthy food choices, promotes exercise, and works to heal underlying emotional triggers.

Toxins: We offer a Clean Break Smoking Cessation program which is a 4-week hypnosis program to help you quit smoking, offering alternative relaxation techniques, promoting healthy choices. Hypnotherapists, as well as our Licensed Drug and Alcohol therapists, can address other addictions both facilitating these changes. I know that looking at all of these facets can be overwhelming when we are trying to better ourselves, our daily patterns and our wellness. Taking small steps in this direction impacts the whole. Changing one part of the system (adding stress reduction, or better diet, or exercise) will make changes towards the whole (whole health). Doing one step at a time, but always moving forward will keep you working towards optimal health. Call us at 308-382-5297 if we can be of help to you in your onward journey towards health and wellness.

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