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Holistic Services At WHC

As promised in my last article, I want to continue the conversation about services offered at WHC. I would like to talk about our holistic services at Wholeness Healing Center. I covered some of these services in the last edition if they fell under services for classes or mental health. Some of these included hypnotherapy,…[ Read the full article ]

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

The world was dazzled by the athletic performances during the long-awaited 2021 Summer Olympics. The summer games ultimately provided a platform to display the most incredible athleticism on a world stage. While some athletes became the best in their physical arena, others decided to focus on overall health and not necessarily by choice. These powerhouse…[ Read the full article ]

Financial Well-Being

The subject of money can be stressful. It depends on if you feel there is a lack of money or an abundance of it. A quote by Zig Zigler helps put the topic of money into prospective. “Money isn’t everything, but it is right up there with oxygen.” According to APA’s 2020 Stress in America…[ Read the full article ]

Yoga Services Private or group – Now offered at WHC by Abby Gleason

Yoga Practitioner Abby Gleason, Registered Yoga Teacher My name is Abby Gleason and I am a 200 hour certified yoga instructor. I will be offering individual and group yoga classes at Wholeness and Healing Center. I completed yoga training in Hastings from the National Yoga Alliance at Avani Day Spa and Yoga Studio in Hastings…[ Read the full article ]

BOOK REVIEW: The Invitation

The Invitation was a book I was given years ago, and I frequently return to it, to help to center and balance myself, but also to re-read words now that I am in a different place in my life. The wisdom that jumped off the pages this time was all new, perhaps more meaningful, maybe…[ Read the full article ]

Love and Logic Course

Love and Logic is a five week, two hour per week interactive class that guides parents to put the fun back into parenting. Parenting is one of the hardest and yet most important and most rewarding jobs we can ever have. The Love and Logic class provides parents with the skills, knowledge and encouragement to…[ Read the full article ]

Comprehensive Services Available at Wholeness Healing Center

With the constantly changing landscape of life (especially after the year of COVID), it might be good to revisit all that Wholeness Healing Center has to offer. Just like everything, we have had constant additions and changes to the services and products we offer. Let’s talk about some of our services. First and most obvious…[ Read the full article ]

Navigating the New Reality of Remote Jobs

Is going back to the office right for you? It may depend on the job you do or the company that you work for. The thought of going back to the office may be causing you anxiety or maybe you are excited to go back. Everyone working remotely has different feelings and opinions about working…[ Read the full article ]

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

WHC will be offering our fall 8-week MBSR course starting September 21st, Tuesdays, 5:30-7:45. This course is being offered via zoom.  Our last course we offered was via zoom and was quite successful.  It was probably one of the best courses we had.  Being in the comfort of your own home and doing the class…[ Read the full article ]

Book Review – Soul Retrieval

The book by Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self, was gifted to me by a friend. As I facilitate soul retrievals in my hypnotherapy practice, I found the book quite interesting. If you are a believer in generational trauma, that much of what we carry happened long ago, and that we inordinately gave…[ Read the full article ]