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Clarifying the Definition of a Satisfying Moment

During 2020, life has changed for each of us in different ways, but undoubtedly, each of us has had a shift in our “normal” routine. When we, as social beings, have to shut down from physically being with others, we have to make very deliberate, intentions/choices about who we choose to be with if we…[ Read the full article ]

Recognizing and Preventing Burnout

Working from home and dealing with quarantines has created a lot of extra stress for many people. We all have stress and it is a normal part of life. Some days we are feeling more overloaded than others, but if the stress is not managed, it can turn into illnesses and burnout. If you begin…[ Read the full article ]

Sunday Blues are a Real Thing

It’s Friday!! As we transition into our weekend, we begin by looking forward to our time off and how we can just let down a bit and enjoy things. It’s the weekend and there is a lot to fit into it – having some down time, having some fun time, getting caught up on sleep,…[ Read the full article ]


When you read that statement what comes to your mind? Have you thought about it, do you love yourself? How do you love yourself and where do you start? It is important to love yourself because it helps with self-confidence and self-worth. “When you are truly in love with yourself and happy, you should stop…[ Read the full article ]

BOOK REVIEW: Fractured Grace

I recently had the opportunity to read Julie Krull’s book, Fractured Grace: How to Create Beauty, Peace, and Healing for Yourself and the World. An eighteen chapter book, full of personal narrative, as well as tapping into wisdom of many others, even inviting the readers in with reflection opportunities. Her own story, woven around the…[ Read the full article ]

Abandon Hope – Find Freedom

Someone recently said to me that she was taken with the statement, “Abandon Hope”. I had to pause a bit and really think about this statement. She wasn’t talking about it from the perspective that life is dismal. Rather, she was talking about how abandoning hope brings about freedom – freedom to accept the moment…[ Read the full article ]

Perfectionism, Practice, Permission

Many of us are conditioned, trained, wrought with high expectations early on, which often become internalized expectations of perfection. We continue to work hard, to measure up, to “do” as opposed to “be”, often saying “YES” when we want to say “NO”. Perfectionists strive to be the best, to always do more, to go above…[ Read the full article ]

Balancing Life with EAP

When we are feeling on overload, it could be a sign that we are out of balance. Our minds are racing with thoughts of what we should be doing and not focusing on the tasks at hand. We find ourselves becoming irritated at those around us and more stressed at the long list of things…[ Read the full article ]

Self Care – More Critical Than Ever

Having been through one of the toughest years ever (and we are only half through it), I want to approach this topic of self-care in a different way. Often, we talk about self-care being important, but we also imply that we have choices in fitting it in or not. There is also an undercurrent that…[ Read the full article ]

Creating Calm in this COVID Chaos

While I am writing this the end of April, we have been social distancing or self-quarantining since sometime in mid-March. We might have done our traditional “spring cleaning”, but as we continue through the summer, we may be looking around our homes and thinking with all this time, it might be time to really get…[ Read the full article ]