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Greetings! I am Melanie Gabbert, Ph.D., M.A., LMHP, LPC (she/her). I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska in May of 1992. I followed that up with an M.A. in Community Counseling from Andrews University in Michigan in May of 1995. I then took a break from school for…[ Read the full article ]

Feeling, Dealing, Healing: Let’s Get Started

“Gosh! This work of getting better is hard, isn’t it?” Yes, it can be, especially if we put ourselves on hold while raising a family, developing a career, and just living life. We quite often “numbed” ourselves or avoided anything remotely looking like feelings until we felt as if we had the time, energy and…[ Read the full article ]

Engage Your Story

In my office I have a picture that hangs on my wall that says, “Let’s Explore”. Why? Because exploring one’s own life story is extremely important to healing. Our story contains the beginning of our understanding of relationships. The relationship with our parents greatly impacts the way we react and how we feel in our…[ Read the full article ]

Change Your Brain with Psychotherapy

Wholeness Healing Center’s therapists have been enjoying a course in neuropsychology from trainer Dr. Barry Koch. Koch has his Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work and has taught in graduate-level MSW programs for several decades. The course has been informative and exciting as we look at the evolution of neuroscience in psychotherapy. I want to look…[ Read the full article ]

Tips & Coping Skills To Prevent Falling Back Into Seasonal Depression

The time will be changing again soon and with that some mental health challenges can occur. On November 5, 2023, we will set our clocks back for the fall and winter months and with this comes shorter days and increased darkness. These shorter days can cause individuals to suffer from an increased risk of anxiety…[ Read the full article ]

Adjunct Modalities: A Plethora of Options

Last year, during a self-care weekend, I was introduced to the practice of vibroacoustic relaxation sound therapy. I was intrigued, as I so enjoyed the session. I had long been toying with the idea of checking out adjunct modalities and just decided at that time to visit some places and through a series of articles,…[ Read the full article ]

The Gut Brain Connection

By Jordy Johnson, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Guest Writer More than 2,000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Hippocrates said, “all disease begins in the gut.” Turns out he was right. New evidence shows that everything relating to health stems back to or is rooted in digestive issues. The health of the gut is implicated in every…[ Read the full article ]

Coping with Seasonal Transitions

This time of year often reminds us of how fast life goes. Summer was here. It was busy. We were able to soak up the sun, the nice weather, being outdoors, and have free time. Then comes September. The kids are back in school. We are back to more routine. We start moving towards a…[ Read the full article ]

Back to School Mental Health Tips for Parents and Families

After weeks of lazy days, time in the sun, fun activities, and no alarm clocks, students return to school to start the new school year. Going back to school is an exciting time; however, it is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety and stress. “According to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and…[ Read the full article ]

Another Myth of Ageism – We Age Alone

This is the fourth in a series of articles on ageism, the myths of ageism and some facts about aging. Ageism is a form of discrimination or prejudice against individuals based on their age. There are myths that perpetuate ageism. We need to be aware of the myths and reframe these myths by learning accurate…[ Read the full article ]