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Parenting the ‘Nothing To Do’

‘ I’m bored.’ The multiple dreaded renditions of this sing-song phrase and the ways in which my child has taunted me with this exhaustive “problem” over the past ten months isn’t just annoying-it has become somewhat daunting. In fact, my husband and I attempted to break the cycle early during the pandemic-first by offering chores…[ Read the full article ]

Thriving – Become a High Performing Employee

You just heard from management that a coworker was promoted. You feel you have worked hard at your job and that you are a great employee, but why were you not selected? You have two choices: blame it on others and circumstances or reflect on you and your own performance. It is incredibly difficult to…[ Read the full article ]

Breathwork: A Method to Access Deeper Healing

“Breathwork?. Yeah, I know how to breathe. I’ve done meditation and watched mindfulness videos.” Uh, not the same. Not even close. Not to diminish the efficacy of those practices, but I would like to delineate more on this modality. So what is breathwork? I will refer to several sources throughout this article, which have helped…[ Read the full article ]

Introduction to Staff – Jessica Kingsley

Hi! I’m Jessica Kingsley, LICSW, LIMHP (she, her, hers). I graduated from the University of Omaha in 2010 with a Master’s in Social Work and earned a Bachelor’s in Social Work and Political Science from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2003. I have been practicing in the field of Social Work for 18…[ Read the full article ]

Mourning our “Old Normal”

Those were the days . . . when we were structured with work/home/school and normal routine . . . when the kids were part of social activities and spectators were encouraged and welcomed . . . when we could have a girls’ or guys’ night out spending time talking into the wee hours of the…[ Read the full article ]

Making the Connection Reveals the Strength of the Human Spirit

One year ago, in March of 2020, most of us became aware of the global pandemic. Offices, bars, theatres, dining in restaurants, malls and other businesses had to close or limit capacity. Some who may have never heard of the CDC began to follow their guidelines, or not. For varying reasons, how we treated one…[ Read the full article ]

LGBTQ + Mental Health Gender Identity and Pronoun Guide

Understanding more about gender identity and pronouns is a key element of affirming and supporting LGBTQ+ folks and their wholeness and wellness. This article’s purpose is to offer a guide toward that understanding. Because the relationship of gender and pronoun use is so intertwined, first clarifying definitions and distinctions among gender identity, gender expression, and…[ Read the full article ]

Digital Fatigue

Remember the days of dreaming about waking up, putting on comfy clothes, grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting in front of our computer to do our work? Many of us have been given that opportunity, but in some situations it includes the pets, kids and spouses at home as well. We are finding ourselves…[ Read the full article ]

A Book Review: The Language of Letting Go

I quite often recommend to clients Melody Beattie’s books Codependent No More and Beyond Codependency, reading them myself every few years. While I had read The Language of Letting Go, it wasn’t until a client recently reminded me of the value of the daily readings and meditations within. So I returned to it, rereading it,…[ Read the full article ]

Feel To Heal

Feeling the need to run away from your life? I hear that often from clients, “I wish that I could just run away from everything!”, many say. I’d be remiss if I denied thinking this way myself at times. But why? To put it bluntly, many humans feel like slaves to our own human existence.…[ Read the full article ]