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Change-A New Perspective

It is 2020 and often with our new year, we work on identifying changes we want to bring into our life (usually  through resolution type goals). I thought perhaps understanding the stages of change might help each of us assess  where we are in that process and what our next action step might realistically be…[ Read the full article ]

When Death or Tragedy Happen

Loss, death, accident, suicide, homicide, divorce, fire, disease, natural disaster. All happen in our lives but nothing quite prepares us for the aftermath, the emotions, or the re-entry into normalcy. We at Wholeness Healing Center understand that all too well and work hard to guide clients through the process. We have developed, trained, and have…[ Read the full article ]

Book Review Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog

I recently had the opportunity to read a great little book for children, Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog by Regina McCarthy. This is McCarthy’s first book and is a nice read to guide children through owning their emotions and empowering them to set some boundaries. Gilbert struggled in front of his class, sitting at lunch, usually…[ Read the full article ]

Be Happy

How can we be HAPPY? When you search the internet on “how to be happy” you find numerous articles such as “20 Ways to Be Happier Today’(Forbes) “23 Ways to Be Happier”(Psychology Today) “10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy” –(Inc.com) “45 Ways to Be Happier Instantly” (HuffPost Life) the list goes on and…[ Read the full article ]


My name is Libby Todd and I’m excited and thankful to be a member of the Wholeness Healing Center team. I obtained my Master of Social Work degree in 2018 from the University of Nebraska Omaha, and during my coursework, I completed an internship at Wholeness Healing Center. My past employment experiences have consisted of…[ Read the full article ]

Finding Joy in the Midst of Pain and Suffering

As I have moved into the 60’s decade, I have found myself pondering life and what our journey is really all about. It seems clear that life brings about many opportunities to grow and change. There is an ebb and a flow, ups and downs, moments of pain and suffering and moments of joy. For…[ Read the full article ]

Self-care: the Importance to Everyone

As a therapist, when I see clients, often part of the goals we work towards includes self-care. Many of us get busy with kids and grandkids, work, friends and extended family, groups and organizations, often saying “yes” to others, and often “no” to ourselves. Self-care is important, important enough to be identified as a treatment…[ Read the full article ]

Nadine Stuehm Honored

We want to congratulate our own Nadine Stuehm who was recently recognized as 2017-2019 Valued Provider from the Ninth Probation District. The 9th District encompasses Hall and Buffalo counties and is the 3rd largest district in the state. Nadine was recognized for her level of dedication to the clients she has served and for being…[ Read the full article ]

Book Review: E Cubed

I wrote a book review of E2 by Pam Grout a couple years ago and I recently picked up her E 3 and found it equally challenging, challenging in a way that propels a person to “test” the energy experiments she proposes. I love and use some of the experiments from E2 when I teach…[ Read the full article ]

Staff Introductions – Brenda Branstiter

I am very excited to become a part of Wholeness Healing Center as their EAP Administrator! It is amazing when you look at your journey and realize that previous contacts with strangers were really put in your life to take you down the right path! Experiences that we have can grow us as people, but…[ Read the full article ]