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Trauma Informed Care Vicarious Trauma What is it and Why Does it Matter?

The COVID-19 Pandemic brought with it an experience of collective trauma like no other. Most, if not all, experienced the day-to-day impact of not knowing what would happen next. Trauma leaves us with an overwhelming feeling of losing control in a situation where you or someone you love could be seriously injured or even die.…[ Read the full article ]

Book Review: Hector and the Search for Happiness

Hector and the Search for Happiness, by Francois Lelord, is the narrative of a psychiatrist and his journey to “map out” what is entailed in creating (or recognizing) one’s happiness. His search seemed to begin as he questioned his own practice, realizing he was dissatisfied because, while he had a successful practice and his clients…[ Read the full article ]

Common Myths of Aging

Myths are inaccurate, and if we are all growing older, we might want to step into paying attention to the stereotypes and discouraging myths of aging and work now to change these myths. This is the third in a series of articles I am writing regarding aging. The first article addressed happiness in aging and…[ Read the full article ]

Tips for Managing Anxiety and Stress in the Workplace

Having an anxiety disorder can have a major impact on your workday. Expectations at work, such as frequent travel or public speaking, can have major negative effects on those suffering from these disorders. This behavior may look like turning down promotions, making excuses to get out of office get-togethers, or being unable to meet deadlines.…[ Read the full article ]

Step Up or Put Up, Boundary Discernment

Boundaries are an oft-used term in my counseling office. Setting them, adhering to them, expecting changed behaviors, remaining firm in our resolve. There are often many factors when a person begins to recognize and then implement boundaries, and often it comes down to choices: Am I ready to step up and voice my needs or…[ Read the full article ]

Tips for Mental Health Spring Cleaning

Every spring, we give our homes a deep cleaning to get it ready for the upcoming year. Have you ever thought about doing the same thing for your mental health? Decluttering our brains is just as important as organizing and deep cleaning our homes. The following are ten tips to help you clean up your…[ Read the full article ]

Envisioning Growing Older with the Right Data (Frame of mind)

The quality of our lives can be enhanced by making choices that will allow us to have health and wellness later in life. In our last edition, I wrote about the U-Curve of Happiness. This name came from the data that was collected over decades on what age we are the happiest. If you want…[ Read the full article ]

ADHD in Women

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is often referred to as a disorder diagnosed of children and men. Although it is more commonly diagnosed in men than women, this can sometimes be attributed to things such as gender roles expectations, comorbidities, stereotypes and referral bias, among others. ADHD is a neurological disorder characterized by persistent inattention…[ Read the full article ]

Frequently Asked Questions about Grieving

What is the grieving process? Is there such a thing? There are seven stages of grief, but everyone’s journey is unique. In addition, some stages overlap or can be skipped totally. The stages are shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, and hope. Shock is inevitable, even if we think we are prepared for the loss.…[ Read the full article ]

Introduction to Staff Maria Trejo – Intern

I’m Maria Trejo. I’m working on finishing my Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Nebraska Omaha. I will graduate in the summer of 2023. In 2009 I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Spanish Translation and Interpretation, with a minor in Social work and Spanish from the University of Nebraska Kearney. I…[ Read the full article ]