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Managing Your Feelings

We have had plenty of opportunities through the past few months to learn more about managing “or “not managing” our feelings. With our time being structured differently, for months on end, we may have found ourselves at home with nothing to do, something quite unlike our “old normal” behavior. Sometimes people keep themselves busy so…[ Read the full article ]

Mental Wellness Tips During This Time

During this difficult time when there is much uncertainty, stress, and fear about COVID-19 and the effects on our workplaces, families, and general sense of control, there are some things that you can do to maintain your mental wellness: Try to maintain a sense of structure. If you are working or studying from home, maintain…[ Read the full article ]

Keep Working Parents Mentally Healthy

Prior to COVID-19 working parents already had a lot to juggle. However, today they face completely different challenges. Not only are parents dealing with their own anxiety about COVID 19, they now have extra stress about work, daycare and/or working from home with children present. Parents that are required to continue at their place of…[ Read the full article ]

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of psychotherapy developed to treat trauma; however, it has been successful in treating a variety of emotional and mental health concerns. EMDR is a specialized treatment provided by practitioners who have received more than 40 hours of training. This type of treatment is different than more…[ Read the full article ]

Play Therapy: An invitation to a Child’s Inner World

As children, in some form, we played. Reflecting on our childhood playtime can be some of our fondest memories. Although it appeared to be solely for our enjoyment, our play had greater purposes than we may have been initially aware. Play is a natural process that fosters learning, regulates emotions, promotes creative thinking and problem-…[ Read the full article ]

My son was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. Not knowing earlier was a blessing.

By Monica Hembd, Guest Contributor My son has Down syndrome. Let me say it again: My son has Down syndrome. A year ago, I would not have said those words aloud, though they are true. It was just too difficult. A year ago I dared anyone who looked at our family to ask me about…[ Read the full article ]

A Book Review: Mindfulness Volume 1

I recently received a copy of Mindfulness, Volume 1, A Beginner’s Journey to the Unleashed Self, by Curtis Daniel, my son-inlaw. “Mindfulness” has been the “buzzword” for the past few years, and I have read many books on the practice, so would also like to share my take of Daniel’s book. The book includes 11…[ Read the full article ]

Maintaining Mental Health Through Covid 19

As I write this article, many of us are finding a new normal – one that is a far cry from where we were a month ago.  We may be working remotely from home, along with our kids who are attending school “at home”. Maybe we are quarantined to our homes, or we are out…[ Read the full article ]

Helping Your Employee Work Remote

Working from home is a big change for the employer as well as the employee. Change is hard, but when you add the pandemic situation, it can be very trying times for everyone involved. Employees who have never worked from home are trying to find their way being productive at home and in some cases…[ Read the full article ]

Accepting Pain Cultivates Joy

This is another article in a series of articles about finding joy. In our work with mindfulness we delineate between pain and suffering. Pain is what you experience because of a situation. We have no control over it. We can’t change it. Suffering is the part we have some control over. Suffering is what we…[ Read the full article ]