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Connecting is my mission in life. I feel that the most important part of relationships is the process of connecting, being heard, hearing others, being real, and sharing ourselves, our souls with another human being. We may not have many people in our lives that we can really do that with, but hopefully we have someone – a good friend, our spouse, our family, someone with whom we can be totally real, understood, loved, and embraced during that process of connecting. Hopefully, at least, we have let ourselves come out and be who we are regardless of how many or how few people in our lives we can trust to be gentle with our realness.

In this world of materialism, activity, two-parent working families, or single parent-working-doubly-hard families, we have lost our moments of connecting. It is surprising how unusual sitting down together at the family table can be, or having time for children to go out and play in their own yard and share some of those moments with parents. As we have become a society consumed with “the great American dream” it is easy to lose something…our heart-felt soul connections, time when we are sitting with each other, being present, and listening. It isn’t that the parents don’t care to do this with and for their children; it is that they are exhausted by the end of the day. There is no more energy to add one more thing to the day, even if it means for the good of our children. We are doing the best we know how, and unfortunately, it may not be enough. We aren’t even taking the time for ourselves. There is no time! And there is no time!

The raising of a child certainly takes a village, but it starts at the very beginning with parent and child. It starts prenatally when our child is developing and growing within the mother. And from there the commitment needs to be our priority. It is easy to forget about the primary brain developmental stage of connecting with our children. Relationships for your child are how your child’s brain develops. Without relationships your child’s brain will not get the primary development stages built. Spend some time “being” with your children daily. Read them a story daily creating a bedtime ritual, sit down in the grass with them and look at the bugs, eat dinner together and ask each person to share their high point and low point of the day. Take the time as they are worth it!

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  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
    Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner

  • Janie Pfeifer Watson, LICSW, is the founder and director of Wholeness Healing Center, a mental health practice in Grand Island, Nebraska with remote sites in Broken Bow and Kearney. Her expertise encompasses a broad range of areas, including depression, anxiety, attachment and bonding, coaching, couples work, mindfulness, trauma, and grief. She views therapy as an opportunity to learn more about yourself as you step more into being your authentic self. From her perspective this is part of the spiritual journey; on this journey, she serves as a mirror for her clients as they get to know themselves—and, ultimately, to love themselves.


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