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Complaining and Fighting Against

Eckhart Tolle suggests that the ego’s sense of self needs to complain and fight against in order to create the illusion that I am “right” and you are “wrong”. This creates a sense of separateness which the ego needs to survive. And, ultimately, this need takes away our ability to be in peace and joy as our ego is addicted to its need for separateness. (Tolle, 2003)

In his book, Stillness Speaks, Tolle states the following:

Complaining and reactivity are favorite mind patterns through which the ego strengthens itself.  For many people, a large part of their mental-emotional activity consists of complaining and reacting against this or that.  By doing this, you make others or a situation “wrong” and yourself “right.”  Through being “right,” you strengthen your sense of self.  In reality, of course, you are only strengthening the illusion of ego.

Can you observe those patterns within yourself and recognize the complaining voice in your head for what it is?


Tolle, E. (2003). Stillness Speaks. Novato : New World Library.

Ekhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks, Patterns of complaining and resisting, illusion of ego

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