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Creating the LIfe You Want for Yourself

In the last issue I talked about continuing our discussion of focusing on what we think because it affects how we feel, which ultimately affects our body, mind and spirit. I suggested that you begin this process of exploring your thoughts by working to catch your thoughts and jotting them down so that we could work further with them. How did you do on this exercise?

Our thoughts randomly run through our minds usually without us having any consciousness about them. These same thoughts that we thought today, we thought yesterday, and we will probably think tomorrow. It has been said that 99% of what we thought yesterday, we will think today and tomorrow. Many of our thoughts come from our childhood where we develop our life scripts which continue to stay with us as adults. Without conscious effort, we may be thinking thoughts that we don’t want to think which influence our happiness within. For instance, if you were brought up with a more negative perspective of life or towards yourself, you may carry those same thoughts and beliefs into your adult life. These thoughts have power. They go into our psyche and are the driving force of how we journey through life. Therefore, it serves us to make some conscious decisions about how we want to think. What we were taught in childhood isn’t necessarily our Truth. The first step is to catch the thoughts. As we become conscious of our thoughts we can make some decisions on whether we want to continue to give them so much power in our life, ultimately affecting how we feel. Are they how we choose to feel about ourselves, others, and life? Or would we rather have a different perspective internalized that maps our journey of life?

How important is this? What we think about, what we focus on, is where our energy goes. Mary Kay Mueller wrote a wonderful book that I refer clients to frequently, Taking Care of Me. She says, “Where thought goes, energy flows”. She goes further in explaining about the law of attraction, which is one of the universal laws that explain how things work. She states that thoughts that are alike, that have similar energy, are drawn to each other. Do we want to have our thoughts attracting more of the same? Our thoughts come from our beliefs. Our beliefs come from our history.

A belief is simply a thought you keep thinking until you feel it. In order to find peace and happiness we may have to change our negative beliefs, which lead to our negative thoughts.

After we identify our beliefs and our thoughts, we can make a conscious decision to change them to positive affirmations. Mary Kay Mueller states that affirmations should be personal, present tense, pleasurable, positive. I am worthwhile. I am lovable. See the end of this article for selections of some affirmations that you might choose. Louise Hay is another wonderful author of many books that tie the mind/body together.

Take these affirmations and begin to “infiltrate your mind”. Start saying them all the time. You can place sticky notes on your mirror, in your car, at your desk, places to remind you of what your positive affirmation is for the day. Use this to flag yourself to say the affirmation several times. It might not feel “truthful”, but step into it anyway. Say it until it begins to internalize and you begin to feel it. You have then created a new belief for yourself that is positive. I am worthwhile. I deserve time for myself. “Research has shown that the brain cannot distinguish between an actual experience and an imagined experience.” (Taking Time for Me, Mueller)

You can go further than this as well. You can write the affirmations. You can make a tape of your voice saying the affirmations and go to sleep with it at night (or purchase a tape or CD of affirmations). The stage of sleep as you are drifting off “between awake and sleep” is a powerful time for subliminal work. Yes, it takes energy to make the choice to change your thoughts, beliefs, and your life. But I assure you, it is well worth it. You are well worth it. “Change your thoughts for 21 seconds a day for 21 days and you will become a Magnet for Miracles.” (Taking Time for Me, Mueller)

Lastly, another way to shift your thoughts and beliefs is to focus on gratitude. Mary Kay Mueller has a full section on it. Many people have written about it. We will talk about it more in the next newsletter. But for now, spend time in gratitude. You can use the 21-second a day to focus on things that you are grateful for, as Mary Kay suggests, or you can use them for your positive affirmation time. But focusing on things you are grateful for will certainly shift you into having a better day, so give it a try. Take that new journal that you bought for your 2005 vision/blueprinting/dreaming forward intentions and begin to change those thoughts that block you from truly loving yourself.

“Whatever you put your attention on will grow stronger in your life. Whatever you take your attention away from will wither, disintegrate and
~Dr. Deepak Chopra

  • Affirmations
    • I am ready to accept positive changes in my life now.
    • I choose to free my mind from all limiting thoughts.
    • I make my dreams come true.
    • I AM creating a great life for myself.
    • I am positive and positive things manifest in my life.
    • As I lighten up, I find I laugh more easily. Laughter is good medicine for me.
    • Today I AM able to take the first step toward making positive new changes in my life.
    • I am safe at all times as I experience new things.
    • I AM brand new with each breath I take, therefore the power to change is within me at all times.
    • Each New Year is a fresh start, and each new day, hour, and second is unlike the last. I live in the present moment, and by intent I have the power and ability     to become brand new at any time.
    • I create my own destiny; therefore, with each new day I create only peace, love and prosperity in thought, word, feeling and action. • New beginnings are           always exciting and positive experiences for me.
    • I am open to the concept that all things are possible, and I trust that I am always in the right place at every moment.
    • I love to experience new things and welcome these into my life as part of my continued growth.
    • I always attract positive people into my life.
    • I am safe at all times as I experience new things.
    • I am overflowing with love, peace and joy, which I share with everyone.
    • Each day my life is filled with wonders and magic. I feel my divine connection to everyone and everything, and I am grateful.
    • I create my own destiny; therefore, with each new day I create only peace, love and prosperity in thought, word, feeling and action.
    • With each new day, I AM always more positive than I was the day before, and I AM grateful.
    • With each new day, I AM overflowing with love and a passion for life.
    • I accept that change is inevitable and I therefore choose to co-create changes in my life which are perfect for my physical, mental and spiritual growth.
    • A new day, a new page, a new adventure – I AM now ready and willing to co-create my life with Spirit.
    • I intend that all the people I meet today and every day be blessed with joy, love peace and perfect health.
    • I AM the embodiment of love, peace, joy and prosperity. I share these qualities with everyone I meet.
    • I joyfully renew and replenish myself each day by filling my body, mind and spirit with love and light.

Hay, Louise L. (1999) You Can Heal Your Life
Mueller, Mary Kay (2001) Taking Care of Me

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