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Holistic Services, a subsidiary of Wholeness Healing Center, unveiled our Energy Enhancement System to the public the first week in January. Although our last edition featured an introduction to the EESystem, I would like to expand and share further information. This technology creates an enhanced energy field that generates and promotes a healing environment to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. This healing environment happens when the EESystem creates mulitiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves”.

The scalar waves create a column of energy (unlike laser energy which creates a straight line of energy). These waves are unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter. So when an individual enters into the scalar wave field, the electromagnetic field of the individual becomes excited. All cells have many crystalline structures that are capable of being charged and “holding that charge”. This scalar energy charges the crystalline within the cells and begins to generate the optimal healthy cell. A healthy cell operates at 70-90 millivolts.

Cancer cells are low voltage cells in the 15-20 millivolt range. Theories propose that the cell voltage starts to drop into the range where the very survival of the cell is at risk. This may cause the cell to proliferate uncontrollably in an attempt to survive. If you raise the cell voltage, which is what happens when you sit in the scalar energy or wear a scalar energy product such as our medallions, the cell no longer needs to proliferate wildly. The cell can become healthy again. (Barron, 2001)

The effects of sitting in the scalar energy are cumulative. The more you sit in it, the more the body moves towards a healthy level. The deeper you relax, the more profound the results. The response has been growing as individuals make the time to come in and experience this technology. Some have had up to three sessions of experiencing detoxification symptoms. This can include anything from a foggy brain, headache, aches in the weak parts of your body, or loose bowel movements. Eventually your sessions become only relaxing and meditative. Others come in and find it peaceful and extremely relaxing the first time they experience it.

People have commented that they are surprised how their brain shuts off and clears, how deeply relaxed they feel within minutes, how energized they feel after experiencing the session, how their sleep has improved, how good their skin feels or how they just feel “good” and ready to conquer their week. Other people are reporting that they see images instead of thinking. One mother brought her autistic child in for a session. Her child sat quietly without stemming, verbalizing, or humming for the entire two hours. When it was time to go, the child did not want to leave.

We live in a time when we are constantly being bombarded with negative frequencies, unclean air, nutritionally compromised food, and impurities. Our bodies are in great need of support. The EESystem is that support. This energy can help the body operate at the ideal electrical matrix since it eliminates nearly all detrimental fields. The EESystem has been clinically proven to boost cellular regeneration and to dramatically enhance health. (Marcial-Vega) Bio-Scalar waves allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, nullify electro pollution, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, assist in balancing the brain to increase energy levels and promote wellness. The benefits are many. (Michael)

As you sit in the system’s energy and your cells become charged, they also begin to dump the toxins from the cell that has kept the cell at a lower frequency and prevented it from being healthy and optimal. After you have a session, it is best to have a detoxification bath within 24-72 hours. This will enable you to further release the toxins from your body that were stirred up and released in your body during your session. The basic detoxification bath includes two cups of sea salt which helps pull the toxins out of your body through your skin. Epsom salt is not recommended as it is too toxic for the body unless you use it with sea salt.

The EESystem has been recognized at dozens of medical, scientific, and professional conferences because it can help the body function at its maximum health potential. It is on the leading edge of Bio-Energetic Medicine. This innovation received the “Qi Technology of the Year” Award in 2008 and it is also recognized by the National Institute of Health, the Royal Society of Medicine and the Qigong Grandmasters as, “the future of medicine”. Additionally, the Energy Enhancement System and Medical Advisory Board Member, Dr. Thom E. Lobe, MD & Founder of the Beneveda Medical Group in Beverly Hills, CA were recently featured on the CBS show called, “The Drs.” where the doctors discuss and explore the proven results utilizing energy medicine and the EESystem. (Dr. Thom E. Lobe, 2010)

The scalar waves nullify the electro pollution in our environment. This includes the electromagnetic waves from cell phones, televisions, computer screens, power lines, toxins, pollution, radiation and microwaves. A piece of the scalar technology has been embedded into medallions that can be worn or carried when not using the EESystem. These medallions create a five foot cocoon around the body, creating a buffer to your environment by nullifying the electro pollution. Also, when you are not in the rejuvenating fields of the EESystem, the EEMedallion offers easy and ongoing support. People who have purchased these medallions have had numerous results. I have found my energy level very elevated. My husband, who has always been a light sleeper, now experiences a deep sleep nightly. Others have found it takes their headaches away, or chronic pain has been lessened. There have been countless stories. Wearing the medallion surrounds your body with the scalar energy which charges your cells and puts you into a charged, healthy energy on a daily basis.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to experience the EESystem. Because we want you to come and experience it for yourself, your first session, up to a two-hour sitting, is free. The system is set up in a room with reclining chairs. You merely sit and relax, meditate, or sleep while you allow your body to recharge. Our office hours have been expanded so call to schedule your time and take advantage of our special introductory rates. If you are interested in a Medallion, call our office or stop in and check them out.

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