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Four Tips to Begin to De-Clutter Your Home

Christan Hummel has written a book on Space Clearing called Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit. She has some simple tips for tackling your clutter.

Time: Take one hour a day and work on tackling your piles. If you look at the whole job that is needed, it will be overwhelming so take one baby step at a time and conquer a pile per day.

Space: Pack up the clutter and move it out of your sight. Having the piles in front of you day after day is draining and does not necessarily mean you will get them taken care of any sooner.

Emotional: For those items that have emotional ties to you that prevent you from taking care of or releasing the items, do some emotional release work, spending some time in gratitude and appreciation for the person in question, and then let his/her items go.

Unseen Causes of Clutter: Often clutter results from unresolved emotional issues such as arguments, a trauma, a death or financial difficulties which can cause stagnant energy.

Do a cleansing of this area to release the blocked energy. A simple way to cleanse an area is to light a candle and make the intention that it will release and cleanse the area. (Zander, 2008) News.

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