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Giving the Gift of Positive Connections

The holiday season of giving is upon us. During this time of year, people talk about the “joy of the season” or the “warmth of holiday togetherness”. Individuals who live in cities discuss how different people act toward each other in December. When we think about November and December, we look toward celebrating positive unique events. For some it is Hanukkah, for others Christmas, and for those who believe in aspects of energy, it is a time of positive regeneration. When we ask ourselves, “what is really different about this time of year?”, we have to accept that perhaps individuals look more toward positive connection with one another. At this time of year, perhaps we don’t complain as much. Maybe we are more directed outwardly toward others rather than focusing inward on our personal struggles.

It also is possible that human kind is more open to connection at this time of seasonal recognition. Sometimes it is difficult to grasp the fact that the look in our eyes toward another, a smile or a nod, is enough to say “you are significant”. It is also hard to measure what a positive gesture meant to someone else at that moment when energy transferred from one human to another.

However, there are individuals who make note of what occurred when a connection was negative as opposed to positive. An example is when a mother in Dannenbrog brought her son to a dentist in Grand Island. That mother described, in a letter to the editor of the Grand Island Independent, how she and her son felt when the dentist complained about the boys’ clothing in front of the mother and child. It is likely that the child would never remember whether or not he spilled jelly on his shirt in years to come, but he will remember when the dentist’s words made him feel ashamed. Sadly enough, the dentist lost a valuable opportunity to assist someone to feel a sense of positive self-regard. Like all events, no matter how big or small, we can learn from this hurtful situation.

As individuals in November and December, we can look for opportunities to tell others through our words, acts or deeds that they matter. We can give and receive positive connections that truly uplift our hearts and the hearts of others. So as we begin the “season of joy”, let us look for opportunities to give the gift of positive connection.

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