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As promised in my last article, I want to continue the conversation about services offered at WHC. I would like to talk about our holistic services at Wholeness Healing Center. I covered some of these services in the last edition if they fell under services for classes or mental health. Some of these included hypnotherapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy group and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Classes.

Let’s look deeper at options that you have at our practice. As our name implies, our philosophical approach is to the “whole” self, taking into consideration the mind, body and soul. Holistic services focus on this integration. There are many options for preventative care, offering you a pro-active stance for your own health and wellness. We offer many services that will support you in this path.

One modality that we offer that covers mind, body and spirit is Yoga Nidra. This service is offered on Fridays, via zoom at 12:00. This class is a hybrid course where in-person is also an option. Yoga Nidra can be practiced with minimal or no movement. allowing it to be a meditative experience while being guided through a deeply relaxing, stress-relieving practice. Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic practice and is the perfect antidote to the pace and stress of modern life. Utilizing this modality invites a deep holistic relaxation and an expansive meditative state of awareness. I invite you to check out our blogs for more information that has been published in our newsletters about Nidra Yoga.  https://wholenesshealing.comhow-we-help/holistic/yoga-nidra/ 

We also have begun offering regular Yoga classes and individual classes for you to address mind, body, and spirit issues. Yoga incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Practicing yoga brings benefits for the mind and body. A few benefits are as follows: Yoga can decrease stress, relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, improve heart health, decrease depression, help manage chronic pain, improve sleep, and improve flexibility and balance. Incorporating yoga into your life can enhance your well-being. If you aren’t sure, or have some specific areas you want to focus, you may want to consider an individual session to target your specific needs. Just call our office to get more information on how to make this happen. https://wholenesshealing.comwholeness-healing-today/yoga-services-private-or-group-now-offered-at-whc-by-abby-gleason/

For ten years now, in our Grand Island office, we have offered the Energy Enhancement System to promote healing, relaxation, purification and rejuvenation. We have the only system like this in the mid-west state area that is open to the public for a well-ness service. We have had people from out of state travel to use this system and stay for days to take advantage of this healing modality. I would encourage you to use the Nebraska service that is readily available.

The EESystem is technology that creates an enhanced energy field through generating multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves”. Scalar waves are column energy that surround you, your body and your cells. As this column energy surrounds you (versus straight line laser energy), it begins to recharge your cells, increasing the cell frequency, which in turns begins the process of detoxing the unhealthy cells. It generates morphogenic energy fields that can promote healing.

When you enter a scalar wave field, the energy surrounds you, your body, your cells and your electromagnetic field becomes excited. This energy catalyzes the mind/body complex to return to a more optimal state through increasing the cell’s millivolt range. Cells in the human body, when functioning at their maximum health potential, range between 70-90 millivolts. Dis-ease and aging occurs when the cellular energy depreciates to levels below this range. The non-linear (Scalar) waves move through the matrix of the body via the crystalline structures within each cell. These crystalline structures are capable of holding a charge. This charge begins the process of increasing the cell’s millivolt range and cellular regeneration. As the cells are charged, toxins in the cells begin to be released from the cell. Research has indicated that exposure to scalar fields can invoke DNA repair.

Because we believe you have to experience the EESystem to understand its benefits, we offer everyone a free session. Come in and enjoy a free session. Stay up to two hours and enjoy the benefits of this technology. Call to make reservations during office hours. https://wholenesshealing.comhow-we-help/holistic/energy-enhancement-system/

If you want to take a piece of this scalar energy with you (and wear it), look at our EESystem medallions and bracelets. Each EE Medallion is super charged, so you can affordably bring the benefits of the Energy Enhancement System with you everywhere you go! Scalar waves encase you and protect you and your loved ones from the harsh environment we live in. The EE medallions nullify possible harmful energy from EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Fields) and ELF’s (Extremely Low Frequencies), including radio waves, microwave, computers and TV’s. Check out all our options with the staff at the front office.

Another Grand Island option to relieve stress and clear it out of your body is to try a session on our Migun Thermal Massage Bed. This bed offers an alternative means to rid your body of the stress and toxins that accumulate and may give you discomfort which, if ignored, may even move into illness or injury. https://wholenesshealing.comwholeness-healing-today/migun-therapeutic-massage-bed-alternative-stress-relief-treatment-2/

Our Migun Thermal Massage Beds blend the philosophy of Western and Oriental medicine as it works on five basic principles: chiropractic, massage, acupressure, acupuncture and heat therapy (moxibustion). People have experienced the use of the bed restoring alignment in their body, thereby relieving nerve interference. It has been reported to increase the function of tissue cells and enhance blood circulation with its therapeutic infrared heat that penetrates deep into the tissues. The Migun Thermal Massage System is approved by FDA as a Class II medical instrument under the 510k regulation and can be used without a prescription. While experiencing the effects of the Migun Thermal Massage Bed, clients can also use sound therapy and aromatherapy to enhance the therapeutic experience.

Wholeness Healing Center has been focused on Holistic services for over two decades. We continue to add services that give you options for bringing balance and wellness into your lives. There are many ways up the mountain, and our goal is to give you paths that resonate and interest you as you bring wholeness into your life. We are grateful that you allow us to service you and will continue to promote services that will benefit your journey. Call 308.382.5297 if you would like to sign up for a specific service. Check out  our website www.wholenessheali.wpenginepowered.com. If you search in our blogs, you will find much more information about all we offer. https://wholenesshealing.comhow-we-help/holistic/


  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
    Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner

  • Janie Pfeifer Watson, LICSW, is the founder and director of Wholeness Healing Center, a mental health practice in Grand Island, Nebraska with remote sites in Broken Bow and Kearney. Her expertise encompasses a broad range of areas, including depression, anxiety, attachment and bonding, coaching, couples work, mindfulness, trauma, and grief. She views therapy as an opportunity to learn more about yourself as you step more into being your authentic self. From her perspective this is part of the spiritual journey; on this journey, she serves as a mirror for her clients as they get to know themselves—and, ultimately, to love themselves.


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