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I am a therapist who began my position at Wholeness Healing Center in July of this year.  I hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Kearney State College and a Masters Degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Nebraska.  The emphasis of my Masters Degree is in Community Counseling.  My college practicum was completed through Tabitha Health Care Services where I worked with dying clients and their family members.

Prior to completing my Masters Degree, I worked in the field of Hospice services.  I have worked as a Mental Health Therapist for ten years.  Prior to making the move to Wholeness Healing Center, I was in private practice in Aurora, Nebraska. About five years ago I became interested in the field of addictions and I am currently licensed in the State of Nebraska as both a Mental Health Therapist and provisionally licensed as a Substance Abuse counselor.

I have been afforded the experience of providing services in several different fields throughout my career.  I have a background in protective services both with elders and with children and families.  In the state of Massachusetts, where I resided for five years, I worked exclusively in the field of elder services.

Since returning to Nebraska, prior to completing my Masters Degree, I had been in Child Protective Services, a substance abuse counselor in a residential facility for adolescent females suffering from addictions, and a Hospice social worker. I feel truly blessed to be able to work with individuals across the lifespan.

My worldview includes the belief that although we are given a certain “luck of the draw” (those circumstances that happen to us over which we have no control), we choose with those circumstances how we are going to “play the game” with the hand we were dealt. We live in a world that at times appears to be spiraling out of control. It is easy to feel as if there is no personal control and the thought often is, “Why bother?” and the feelings of depression and despair gathers.  Because we are thinking-feeling human beings however, I believe we improve our corner of the world by our own personal choices. Despite what is happening around us, there is always something positive we can do. As a mental health/substance abuse counselor, my role is simply to assist individuals in sorting through their personal life challenges, finding the choices they can choose from and implement the choices that will promote optimal healing and contentment.


  • Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
    Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

  • Dorothy Molczyk, LMHP LADC, provides individual, family and group therapy at Wholeness Healing Center. She is experienced in serving children, adolescents and adults. Her areas of specialty include substance abuse/dependency, healing from traumatic events, recovering from loss, and behavior disorders in children and adolescents.


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