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Living History During the Holidays

With November behind us and December awaiting us, it might be good to consider what we want our narrative to be in December.  December is still awaiting our story.  We can make it whatever we want to make it.  We are in the midst of our holiday season, which is often rich with tradition. This year, no doubt, November was not the same for many as most other years. And as we enter December, it may also have a different ring to it as well.

Being in the midst of a pandemic may have changed tradition in a way that we don’t want to repeat again.  This is certainly fair.  Living history isn’t really on the wish list for December or for 2020. But we also, hopefully, will never live through a pandemic again. We will never be quarantining and/or isolating again.  We will never be sent home to work remotely because of safety issues.  We will never have our children in and out of school time. We will never experience having so much time with ourselves in our home with no distractions from the outside world.  It is a different time.  And as much as we are ready for this to be over, it isn’t yet.

The fact of the matter is, we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.  If we are gifted with a job, a home, health of family, friends and ourselves, we have already found our wish list granted.  2020 took us to the basics for our gratitude list.  And so maybe the next step is to assess how we did at making our Thanksgiving memorable during COVID 2020, and what is our storyline going to be for December 2020.

We are living history right now.  This is the time that will be talked about for many years in the future.  As we move into December, it may be good to think about the narrative you would like to attach to how you lived your December, 2020.  If your holiday will be different than normal tradition, then making it memorable in a different way can be your focus and give you guidance in how to handle it.  Down the road, your (great) grandchildren may ask you, what did you do during the holidays of 2020 when you were living through a worldwide pandemic?  And thinking about the narrative and how you want it to look may be guidance on how to get through it in a positive, effective way.

We want to navigate these waters conscientiously.  This might mean everyday we get up and decide how we want the day to look, how we want to feel during our day, and what we will do to give our day structure and purpose. It may be choppy waters in December as we lose our normal routines.  It may take a good skill set to manage the waters, and still find some inner peace through the days. This skill set is in you because we build resilience as we need it.  And we have needed it during 2020.  We learn through our pain and as we have continued with COVID throughout 2020, we have probably also learned what we need to manage better.  If you find yourself unable to get back on track, reach out for some mental health services.  Most services are being offered remotely which makes services very accessible and may be a lifeline during this time.  Part of the story is how we managed the tough moments.

As you enter December, 2020, make some decisions regarding what you want the narrative to be for your month. Take time to look at your values and let those values guide your process.  If connecting with others is important, get creative on how this will look.  It may not be as satisfying as the real thing (tradition), but knowing you lived your values out the best you could, may be enough to help you through the season. Maybe being there for others is your values and so you pick a family in need and focus on how to make their holidays a better time. Make it your mission to write the narrative you want. Bring others on board with you and use it as an opportunity to lift others up as you move through the end of 2020.  Reach out to others if you need more support to get back on track with living out your values. Journal about your history-making days. Get creative this month. We are all, worldwide, in the same boat, all having this human experience (which is also different), so bringing compassion and care to others may help us make our own inner being brighter.  Write your story the way you want it to be for December 2020.  Here is to your December, 2020 and living out history and the narrative you want it to be!






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  • Janie Pfeifer Watson, LICSW, is the founder and director of Wholeness Healing Center, a mental health practice in Grand Island, Nebraska with remote sites in Broken Bow and Kearney. Her expertise encompasses a broad range of areas, including depression, anxiety, attachment and bonding, coaching, couples work, mindfulness, trauma, and grief. She views therapy as an opportunity to learn more about yourself as you step more into being your authentic self. From her perspective this is part of the spiritual journey; on this journey, she serves as a mirror for her clients as they get to know themselves—and, ultimately, to love themselves.


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