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We invite you, our readers, to send us your testimony regarding moments of success, growth, inner shifting and healing found through the use of any of the modality treatments at Wholeness Healing Center. This gives an opportunity to inspire others to look at their own desires to heal and the potential to make it happen.  If you would like to share your story, submit it to us at info@wholenesshealing.com. 

Hypnosis worked for my hair pulling.  “Really,” you say, “prove it.”

“Ok, I’ll do just that.  Are you ready?  Here’s the stunner:  it has been a week since I’ve engaged in that behavior.

I go into each hypnotherapy session with an “open mind” and a good attitude.  My therapist, Jodi, and I go over what issues we want to target in the session, and then we enter the special room with a gliding rocker, warm blanket, sothing music, and a teddy bear.  Our session begins and runs for about an hour.  A CD is burned for me to re-listen to at home.

As I ponder what it means to pull my hair, I am led back to a suggestion made to me (or my subconscious) in hypnosis that is difficult for me to “put away”.  I am enlightened by this suggestion and intrigued by it.  This suggestion has helped me realize that pulling my hair serves no purpose in my life today.  Its trigger is gone.  That makes such sense to me.  The beauty of this suggestion stays with me. It is precious and profound.  I am living a different life because of this suggestion.

Along my hypnosis journey, I have also been participating in neurofeedback which I credit as helping me make the strides I have been making.

Months ago, the world didn’t look so exciting and full of possibilities.  Now, today, I am thankful the the opportunities that have presented themselves on my journey.



  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
    Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
    Spiritual Director

  • Jodi Studnicka completed her practicum at Wholeness Healing Center in the Grand Island and Broken Bow offices.  Jodi Studnicka, LCSW, LMHP  joined Wholeness Healing Center in May 2011 after receiving her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Nebraska Omaha.


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