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Traffic Stop: Human Division, a Book Review

While I usually review non-fiction books, I took the opportunity this time to read and review a fiction book, as it was about human trafficking in Nebraska. I actually met the author, was impressed by her knowledge, expertise, and compassion about addressing human trafficking so was intrigued to pick up the book by Stacey Cahill.

The story is about a family who lives in Nebraska. As the story unfolds, so also does the intricacies of mental health, family dynamics, both healthy and dysfunctional, and issues of trauma, including abuse, neglect, and addiction enter into the plot line. The story involves a multigenerational family over several years, with babies growing into adults, becoming parents and then grandparents. Underneath the family story, with its own conflicts and issues is also a pervasive understory of prostitution and later human trafficking which seems to be perpetuated by well-known and respected members of the community.

So this novel includes many mental health issues, moving into addiction and 12 step programs, and also highlighting the importance of group and individual therapy in different situations, helping those involved move through healing in a more thorough and complete manner. Those “sessions” were handled professionally, as well as presented in a rational and realistic way. The book includes myth, symbolism and metaphor, along with a parallel movement of spirituality, forgiveness and redemption.

While we are not always aware of ways that human trafficking can be present, this novel laid out possibilities to consider. I admire when a new perspective is brought to the forefront, and this book seems to do exactly that. That is why I think it is important for us to be aware and open to learning new information, which prompted me to read this book. A difficult yet very current topic, one that is often ignored, often because we can’t see how it could be happening in rural America, and sometimes because we aren’t ready to accept the reality of human trafficking. But it is happening, which makes this book one I can recommend. Find out more. Protecting our children is a priority and we can’t do that if we turn a blind eye to the ways they are being used and abused.

In addition, the author is also a therapist and an educator about human trafficking in our area and is and has been available to give presentations and further illuminate our knowledge. Only in learning more can we truly be available to reaching out and being aware.

To contact Cahill, her website is www.scahilllinebyline.org or email at staceyl.cahill@gmail.com to schedule an event tailored to the group or purchase the novel.

Cahill, Stacey L. (2032) Traffic stop: human division. Dorrance Publishing Co., Pittsburg, PA.


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