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Human Garage: Truly Fascia-nating

In this article I am sharing my own personal experience of a healing transformation of mind, body and spirit. I have always been called to help others and am grateful for my opportunity to practice that every day here at Wholeness Healing Center. Therefore, I cannot keep this to myself.

In my own search for self-care and stress management, the internet algorithm brought me to a group called Human Garage. Human Garage is a community, founded by a few individuals, who started a movement in 2020 to promote healing your bodies by creating fascial maneuvers (counter rotative movements with breath); and making this information available to the world for free.

I have been doing Fascial Maneuvers since October 2023 and have experienced significant healing. At first, I noticed a 90% reduction in anxiety; my overthinking and worried thoughts were drastically reduced. Today, my hypothyroidism is managable, my hormones have balanced, evidenced by the return of a monthly cycle, and the pain in my body has been reduced. My perceptions and narratives have changed, which I attribute to fascia maneuvers helping the body release old traumas and emotions without being retraumatized.

My experience has also informed me that fascial maneuvers reduce stress and create productive counseling sessions. It is difficult to reach realizations when experiencing stress, depression and/or anxiety. When stress in the body is reduced, it enhances the ability to observe your own humanly experience and understand who you are.

As shared in the Human Garage blog, “A mainstream understanding of the human being is that we are dumb beasts piloted by an intelligent brain. Our bodies are seen as meat sacks for a superior mental consciousness. That is not the case! The human body is made up of fascia, and it’s the most perceptive and profound part of us. Fascia is a multidimensional construct made up of connective tissue that holds both memory and emotion. Fascia has a thousand times more nerve endings than the human brain. It is within every system of the body: organs, bones, muscles, blood vessels, and glands”. The knowledge and understanding of our human experience on this earth continues to morph and grow. Are you open minded to learning different ideas?

While there is still much unknown about the intricacies of fascia, Human Garage was able to develop undeniably effective fascial maneuvers that help foster great inner peace and balance, increase the body’s healing capacity, release stored emotions and trauma, alleviate physical symptoms, and improve mobility.

They have helped thousands of people and have documented many testimonies of healing, some quite miraculous. There are testimonies of improvement in autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, and more. If you have a great interest in taking your health into your own hands, find them on Instagram, YouTube or at their web page humangarage.net.

Works Cited: Isabella. (2023, Feb 6). What is fascia? Human Garage. https://humangarage.net/what-is-facia/


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    Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner


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