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A Book Review: Enlighten My Senses

Enlighten My Senses: A Path to Open Your Heart and Illuminate Your Soul’s Purpose was written by Cintra Best, published in 2014. Best has a Doctorate in Natural
Health and is a coach and healer in southcentral Nebraska. The book is Cintra Best’s story, her story of the abuse in her life and how she moved into her healing. The book actually begins with her mother’s story, to set the tone and explain the mindset of Best’s influence in her childhood. It continues with the movement through her mother’s death and how Best then began questioning her faith.

Bests’ story continues through her marriage, internalizing others’ behaviors, finding herself in a continual state of panic. She then digresses back, to identify the feelings she was able to acknowledge, coming through her childhood behaviors.

That seemed to be the beginning of the healing, the recognition that “inside your unhealed little child is running the show” (p. 41). She was able, looking back, to see the emotions attached to the behaviors, how the patterns became who she was/is.

The book then moves into Part Two, which is divided into sections describing Spirit Guides, Self-Reflection, Victim Stance, Ego, Karma, Blaming, Fear and Grief, among others. Her path through this is chockful of outside resources, quotes, and readings from people she found helpful. Her perception and her power move through these, coming together to guide her into her spiritual connection, into her power.

Part Three is about the Light, featuring a meditation that helps one really feel the safety of the Universe, as well as asking for clarity in life’s purpose. This section also features a release, with assignments of forgiveness.

The end of the book suggests further reading, to guide the reader into more self-awareness, continuing each journey separately.

I am glad Best shared her book and her story with me. As she made clear in the book, we all have a story, and as bad as our childhoods may have been, we all can
follow the path to healing. The book has hope intertwined throughout, that the difficult times help to make us who we are.

The book is short, but the lessons are ongoing. If you are looking for a nice reminder that we are all human, that we are all capable of learning from our story,
that each story is worth sharing, this book will be a reinforcement of our value as human beings, as well as our resilience.

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