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Introduction to Staff – Fabian Sevilla

My name is Fabian Sevilla. I am 38 years old, and I am from Ecuador. I am the youngest of nine siblings, although only six and I were part of my household. This turned out to be advantageous for me, as I got the ability to learn from my siblings’ experiences. When I was 20, I started studying Applied Linguistics in Ecuador, where most of my classes were taught in English. Initially, I wanted to become a translator/interpreter. However, two years into that path, I landed in therapy due to anxiety and the need for help to come out to my family. What I found was something greater and more valuable, I loved the work my therapist did with me, and I decided at that moment that I would become a therapist myself.

Years later, I managed to enroll in the clinical psychology program at the Catholic University of Ecuador in my hometown, Ambato. After five years of study, internship experience, and a dissertation presentation, I graduated in March of 2018.
After I graduated, I started searching for master’s programs that would focus on training instead of research. I was fortunate enough to have been accepted at UNK, including a GA position. While in the program, I met my now husband, who has made Nebraska my home. After getting my provisional license as a counselor, I have been working in a small private practice as part of a group of counselors, which has been enriching, both personally and professionally. Now I am happy to become part of the team at Wholeness Healing Center.


  • Provisional Licensed Mental Health Practitioner


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