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Training Your Body and Mind to Relax

A critical component in training for peak performance is the ability to relax your body. This trait, often underappreciated, can make the difference in doing your best. Think of this as the ability to relax while pushing hard:  tension slows the body and is inefficient. Relaxing the body can take you to that level you are striving to reach. Yet it is counterintuitive to relax your body as you push for excellence. But with training you can become more proficient in attaining peak performance. Relaxing allows you to get into the flow. In a relaxed state, your body operates at its maximum without thinking and it can perform at a higher state handling higher degrees of stress, trauma, fear and anxiety without damage. Performing without thinking allows you to be in flow and opens the doorway for peak performance.

Part of our Peak Performance training here at Wholeness Healing Center includes relaxation training.  This includes experiencing and practicing relaxation in our Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) http://www.wholenessheali.wpenginepowered.com/holistic-services/energy-enhancement-system. The Energy Enhancement System is cutting edge technology that gives your body the opportunity to detox, recharge and revitalize while you sit and relax. Because it generates a multiple bio-active, life enhancing energy field, including “scalar waves”, your ability to move to a relaxed state is heightened allowing you to move into a state that may be deeper than you normally experience.  Using this enhanced environment along with the additional components of peak performance training – such as the hypnosis and neurofeedback training – you attain deep relaxation that teaches you to integrate this to become part of your performances.

All of this happens through the technology of scalar waves (also called zero point energy waves).  Scalar waves are the same waves that can be created when you meditate. A scalar field is described as a 5th-dimensional, non-linear, non-hertzian field. So instead of being a linear wave, such as a laser wave that goes straight, scalar waves actually create a column of energy. The scalar waves fill in an area. They are unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter. The scalar waveforms transform the space into a powerfully positive vibrational environment. These waves energize the entire body and allow it to heal itself naturally while deeply relaxing you.

The body has crystalline structures within every cell which is capable of holding a charge. When you enter the bio-scalar environment, the electro-magnetic informational bio-fields become excited. I, personally, experience this each time I enter the system. It feels as if the cells of my body are “dancing”. This process helps to align the body to a more original optimal electrical matrix. Our cells, when operating optimally, operate at about -70 to-90 millivolts. When unhealthy, our cells will be down to -10 or -15 millivolts. So if you have an injury, these scalar waves can promote healing. When you sit in this scalar wave energy, your cells begin to rejuvenate as they move to their more optimal level increasing in their frequency level. As the cells increase in their level of functioning and begin to move towards a more healthy state, they naturally begin this process of detoxifying by dumping the toxins they contain into your blood stream. Dr. Marcial-Vega verified this through blood tests given before and after a person sat in the system. After sitting in the system, the blood showed toxins that had been released.  (Marcial-Vega) This detoxification is a natural process when cells increase to their natural healthy frequency.

EESystem has been recognized at dozens of medical, scientific, and professional conferences because it can help the body function at it maximum health potential.  It is on the leading edge of Bio-Energetic Medicine. This innovation received the “Qi Technology of the Year” Award 2008 and it is also recognized by the National Institute of Health, the Royal Society of Medicine and the Qigong Grandmasters as, “the future of medicine”.  Additionally, the Energy Enhancement System and Medical Advisory Board Member, Dr. Thom E. Lobe, MD & Founder of the Beneveda Medical Group in Beverly Hills, CA were featured on the CBS show called, “The Drs” where the doctors discuss and explore the proven results utilizing energy medicine and the EESystem ( (Dr. Thom E. Lobe, 2010).

If you are curious about the Energy Enhancement System and want to check it out, come in.  We want you to come and experience it for yourself so your first session, up to a two-hour sitting, is free. The system is set up in a room with reclining chairs. You merely sit and relax, meditate, or sleep while you allow your body to recharge and relax. If you are interested in our Peak Performance training, unlimited access to this room is part of the package program.  Call us at 308-381-5297 ext 110 for more information.

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