EAP Corner

Tips for Managing Anxiety and Stress in the Workplace

Having an anxiety disorder can have a major impact on your workday. Expectations at work, such as frequent travel or public speaking, can have major negative effects on those suffering from these disorders. This behavior may look like turning down promotions, making excuses to get out of office get-togethers, or being unable to meet deadlines.…[ Read the full article ]

Tips for Mental Health Spring Cleaning

Every spring, we give our homes a deep cleaning to get it ready for the upcoming year. Have you ever thought about doing the same thing for your mental health? Decluttering our brains is just as important as organizing and deep cleaning our homes. The following are ten tips to help you clean up your…[ Read the full article ]

Is Telehealth An Effective Way to Manage Your Mental Health?

In 2020, as society grappled with the new normal, the nation’s mental health was anything but ordinary. As the mental health of the population and workforce declined, employment and productivity declined too. According to the Peterson Institution for International Economics, productivity is falling at the fastest rate on record. Simultaneously, the Job Openings and Labor…[ Read the full article ]

Dealing with Difficult Situations at Work

Major errors, sudden changes, conflicts, and emotional meltdowns affect every workplace. A popular question in employment interviews is, “Can you give me an example of a difficult situation and how you handled it?” Often full of drama, difficult situations (you know them when you experience them) require maturity, skill, and a cool head. When you…[ Read the full article ]

Wholeness Healing Celebrates 10 Years of EAP Services

I n May 2012, Wholeness Healing introduced their new venture that allowed us to provide even more services to individuals and families in the central Nebraska region. Wholeness Healing Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was designed to allow businesses the opportunity to procure a plan in which their employees are provided with mental health counseling and…[ Read the full article ]

Great Reshuffle

We have all heard about “The Great Resignation” or “The Big Quit” where masses of employees resigned from their jobs. More recently employees are not quitting but looking at other options for employment, creating a new term: “Great Shuffle”. Covid 19 forced workers to evaluate everything in their lives including jobs, families and long term…[ Read the full article ]

Encouraging a Healthy Work Life Balance for Employees

When we hear the word balance, we think of riding a bike or walking on a balance beam. If you lean too far one way or the other, you will fall off your bike or balance beam. Balance is an interesting word when you pair it with work and life. To keep work and life…[ Read the full article ]

Rethinking the Importance of Mental Health in the Workplace

As we look back at the last couple of years, it has become more evident how important mental wellness is in the workplace. The trauma of Covid and disruption of our “normal” every day life has left employees evaluating their priorities, resulting in completely different mindsets. Employees have changed and as an employer, it is…[ Read the full article ]

Financial Well-Being

The subject of money can be stressful. It depends on if you feel there is a lack of money or an abundance of it. A quote by Zig Zigler helps put the topic of money into prospective. “Money isn’t everything, but it is right up there with oxygen.” According to APA’s 2020 Stress in America…[ Read the full article ]

Navigating the New Reality of Remote Jobs

Is going back to the office right for you? It may depend on the job you do or the company that you work for. The thought of going back to the office may be causing you anxiety or maybe you are excited to go back. Everyone working remotely has different feelings and opinions about working…[ Read the full article ]