EAP Corner

2021 A True New Beginning to Write Your New Normal!

You always wanted to think outside the box and 2020 has given us that opportunity. Your life has evolved to a different plane. Don’t judge whether you like it or don’t like it. Accept it as it is and know that you can now write a new story for you. Nothing is the same because…[ Read the full article ]

Recognizing and Preventing Burnout

Working from home and dealing with quarantines has created a lot of extra stress for many people. We all have stress and it is a normal part of life. Some days we are feeling more overloaded than others, but if the stress is not managed, it can turn into illnesses and burnout. If you begin…[ Read the full article ]


When you read that statement what comes to your mind? Have you thought about it, do you love yourself? How do you love yourself and where do you start? It is important to love yourself because it helps with self-confidence and self-worth. “When you are truly in love with yourself and happy, you should stop…[ Read the full article ]

Balancing Life with EAP

When we are feeling on overload, it could be a sign that we are out of balance. Our minds are racing with thoughts of what we should be doing and not focusing on the tasks at hand. We find ourselves becoming irritated at those around us and more stressed at the long list of things…[ Read the full article ]

Supporting Mental Health During the Pandemic with Wholeness Healing EAP

With the recent impact of COVID 19 on our society, it has brought mental health concerns to the forefront. We have seen articles on how to manage the stress of working from home, how to transition back to the physical workplace, how to help support employees’ emotional health during the pandemic, and handling the anxiety…[ Read the full article ]

Keep Working Parents Mentally Healthy

Prior to COVID-19 working parents already had a lot to juggle. However, today they face completely different challenges. Not only are parents dealing with their own anxiety about COVID 19, they now have extra stress about work, daycare and/or working from home with children present. Parents that are required to continue at their place of…[ Read the full article ]

Helping Your Employee Work Remote

Working from home is a big change for the employer as well as the employee. Change is hard, but when you add the pandemic situation, it can be very trying times for everyone involved. Employees who have never worked from home are trying to find their way being productive at home and in some cases…[ Read the full article ]

Paradigm Shift

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” ~ Jim Rohn Do you feel stuck in a rut and nothing ever changes? We keep telling ourselves we want it to be different but are we willing to do what it takes? You can find numerous…[ Read the full article ]

When Death or Tragedy Happen

Loss, death, accident, suicide, homicide, divorce, fire, disease, natural disaster. All happen in our lives but nothing quite prepares us for the aftermath, the emotions, or the re-entry into normalcy. We at Wholeness Healing Center understand that all too well and work hard to guide clients through the process. We have developed, trained, and have…[ Read the full article ]

Be Happy

How can we be HAPPY? When you search the internet on “how to be happy” you find numerous articles such as “20 Ways to Be Happier Today’(Forbes) “23 Ways to Be Happier”(Psychology Today) “10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy” –(Inc.com) “45 Ways to Be Happier Instantly” (HuffPost Life) the list goes on and…[ Read the full article ]