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Generation Z – The Youngest Generation Entering the Workforce (Part 6)

The newest and youngest generation hitting the workforce may be the generation to change the landscape of the work environment in the biggest way yet. Generation Zer’s, the next generation after the millenniums, born after 1995, account for 61 million people in the U.S., passing up Generation X and being 2/3 the size of the…[ Read the full article ]

Gen Y – The Millennials -Bridging the Multi-generational Workforce (Part 5)

This is part five in a series of articles regarding the multi-generational workforce. Generational diversity can impact the wide array of strengths we have at our fingertips as we work together. Understanding the values and motivation of the generation allows the use of those strengths to benefit teamwork and the company. Not understanding the other…[ Read the full article ]

Nidra Yoga is Now being offered at Wholeness Healing Center

In an often stress-filled world, many are seeking peace, healing, and strength not only to cope but also to thrive. Yoga and meditation are often remedies sought for finding and enhancing inner resources and well-being. What if you knew that yoga can be practiced with minimal or no movement and that meditation can be as…[ Read the full article ]

Bridging the Multi-generational Workforce (Part 4) Xennials – the Oldest of the Millenniums

This is part 4 of the compilation of articles regarding the different generations in our workforce and how to best relate with each generation. Since I covered the Grand Generation, the Baby Boomers, and Gen X’ers, our next generation was to be the Millenniums. As I was discussing the characteristics of the millenniums with a millennium colleague,…[ Read the full article ]

A Mindful Approach to Living Course

This is the time of year that we make our New Year’s resolutions.  It is also a natural time to reevaluate our previous year and assess what needs to be more of a priority.  Often, regardless of what needs more priority, stress fits into this picture.  The residue of too much stress, or not handling…[ Read the full article ]

Choices for the Holidays – Stress or Gratitude?

Are you beginning to notice the stress in your body as you see the shops decorated and hear the countdown that started weeks ago?  Moving into the holiday time can unconsciously bring up a stress reaction in our body that activates our fight or flight survival mechanism. This reaction may come from our history of…[ Read the full article ]

Bridging the Multi-generational Workforce (Part 3) Generation Xers

We have begun a series of articles regarding the wide spectrum of ages in the workforce. With the possibility of five generations working together comes diversity and challenge requiring understanding and appreciation of what each generation may bring to the table.  Understanding the values and what motivates each generation helps bring success to the company…[ Read the full article ]

EAP Benefits From the Therapist’s Office

“Wow, that’s kind of nice, that they recognize the stress we have”. It doesn’t matter if the stress is generated from the office or from home, at some point, there is a high probability that an employee’s stress may affect his/her work performance. In fact, stress from work ends up at home, and stress from home ends…[ Read the full article ]

The Baby Boomers  -Understanding Multi-Generational Workforces (Part 2)

In our last newsletter edition, we began the discussion about the reality of people living longer, thus changing the landscape of the workforce picture. Presently there is the possibility of working with up to five different generations. This multi-generational reality brings diversity to the workforce. It also brings more need to understand each other from…[ Read the full article ]

Working with Multigenerational Workforces

In this age of longevity, people are living longer and working longer. This leads to multigenerational workforces becoming the norm. With this diversity, it sets up a need for increased understanding, flexibility and openness to merge and work together as a team. Differences show up in many areas, some of which include communication, approaches to working, how…[ Read the full article ]