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Tips for Mental Health Spring Cleaning

Every spring, we give our homes a deep cleaning to get it ready for the upcoming year. Have you ever thought about doing the same thing for your mental health? Decluttering our brains is just as important as organizing and deep cleaning our homes. The following are ten tips to help you clean up your mental health.

1. Start a Journal

Journaling is an easy way to put all of your thoughts, worries, and fears down on paper so that you can process them thoroughly. This simple act of journaling these types of feelings helps to release them from your mind.

2. Examine + Drop Your Bad Habits

As you entered 2023, there is no doubt that you read many, many posts about New Year’s Resolutions. Heck, maybe you even wrote one! We all have different habits that negatively affect our life and therefore, negatively affect our mental health. This could be diet, drinking, smoking, etc. Pick an area of your life and drop those bad habits and you will steadily see a vast improvement in your mental health.

3. Let Go of Any Past Drama

Drama, and the negative feelings it causes, have a way of sticking with us. Let past drama go, even if it is tempting to hang onto it. Your mind will be a more positive space and you will be able to cope with the challenges thanks to your effort. You will feel less stress and anxiety and make more effective choices.

4. Tackle Projects You’ve Been Putting Off

We all have those “to do” items/projects that are consistently getting put onto the back burner. Start your mental health spring cleaning by writing down all the projects that you have been putting off. Make personal goals to complete these projects.

5. Build Positive Relationships

We all have people whom we love, but with whom we don’t have the healthiest or most enjoyable relationships. Instead of consistently welcoming those with bad energy into your orbit, try surrounding yourself with people whose positive vibe and outlook mesh with what you are trying to accomplish in your own life.

6. Begin Healing Past Trauma

Life is tough. It rarely leaves anyone unscathed. Most people have past experiences that negatively affect their lives. There are many ways to overcome and process these past negative trauma events.

Wholeness Healing Center employs a number of Licensed Mental Health Practitioners who are able to provide you with the necessary skills to tackle these types of events and move toward much healthier space mentally.

7. Make Gratitude a Priority

Take time out of your daily routine to look at everything that you are grateful for in your life. This simple action helps tremendously with your mental health.

8. Kick Negative Thoughts to the Curb

Even the healthiest individual has negative thoughts. One way to battle these is to recognize when you are having them. Once you are able to pinpoint what negative thoughts are detrimental to your thinking, you will be able to talk to yourself and work your way through them. The next time they pop up, you will know exactly what to do to stop those negative thoughts in their tracks!

9. Do More of What You Enjoy

Look for what gives you joy. Maybe it’s something you do all of the time. Maybe it’s something you never do but wish that you did. Seek out new hobbies. Create time for yourself as an individual. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

10. Change Your Perspective

Accept that you are not perfect. Instead of beating yourself up about past mistakes, look at all of the progress you’ve made!



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