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A Book Review: The Law of Attraction

I picked up the book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham as I have been working on manifesting, putting myself in a much more positive space and working to stay in the Vortex. Similar to the previous book of theirs I reviewed, Ask and It Is Given, this too can serve as a guide to changing our thoughts. This book was published two years after the Ask and It Is Given Book, but both are similar in content.

Initially, the book is an explanation about Abraham and how the teachings came about: the conversations, the skepticism of Esther, the path to the “Abraham Experience”. Then the book is divided into the Laws. The Law of Attraction, The Science of Deliberate Creation, The Art of Allowing, and Segment Intending make up the direction of the book.

The Law of Attraction is the premise that what you focus on increases. Because of that, Abraham suggests that “you are creating your own reality” (p. 30) and “that which you give thought to is that which you begin to invite into your experience”. (p. 31) In my focus on manifesting, the line which really brought it home, is “In order for things to change, you have to see them as you want them to be rather than continuing to observe them as they are”. (p.38)

As the book continues, so do exercises to help guide the changes (My Creative Workshop, imagination and visualization, momentum and flow) as well as strategies to re-direct the negative thinking.

The Art of Allowing was especially interesting, with the explanations of selfishness and selflessness, as well as boundary guidelines for letting go of what others think or want.  This chapter also talks about past lives and pre-paving for the future.

The Segment Intending is about using your creative power, not just for this moment, in the present, but also for the future.  Strategies and goals are outlined to guide the reader in the process, which certainly may involve a change in thinking, changing the past negative thoughts to more positive expectations. Segment Intending can be very powerful in deliberate workshops with those goals, as well as in daily meditation.

According to the authors, “The solution is simply a matter of taking your eye off of what is conflicting, and putting it upon the essence of what you want.” (p.185) If you are ready to motivate yourself in a positive manner, this book will enlighten your path, helping you to really understand how what you say, feel and think call in your future.

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