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Absenteeism in the Work Place

Absenteeism costs U.S. Companies billions of dollars each year in lost productivity, wages, poor quality of good, services and excess management time. Statistics suggests that:

  • Companies lose as much as $688 per employee annually, due to unscheduled absenteeism.
  • Companies/Organizations with 99 or fewer employees have the highest per employee absenteeism cost of up to $1,044 per year.
  • 61% of absences from work are caused by psychological problems.
  • 1 in 5 employees who call in sick are suffering from stress rather than an illness.
  • Stress costs American employers approximately $200 billion a year in absenteeism, lower productivity, rising health and worker’s compensation costs, and other expenses.
  • Alcohol and drug abuses are absent at least 16 times more often than persons who a not involved in drug or alcohol abuse.

There are many factors that influence a person’s health and well-BEING.  These could be minor inflictions such as a cold or flu or a major infliction such as heart problems or obesity.  Or it could be because of personal reasons such as, stress, depression, alcohol or drug abuse, or burn-out.

Stressful situations may include family and relationship problems, physical issues, financial difficulties or unemployment by a spouse.  Any of these could result in the employee taking time off work.  If the employees have confidential employer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits, they are moe likely to address their problems earlier and resolve them quicker.

Managers can be trained by the EAP to coach employees on how to use the EAP, yet stay out of the middles of their personal problems, while still offering a way to get help.  The benefit of our EAP is that the manager’s time will be significantly reduced and the employee may not have as much time, if any time, off work.  Our program helps the employee to identify the problem, provides education, resolves personal issues and together implements the solutions for well-Being.  Through education, training and professional care, our program can greatly reduce absenteeism.  For your company, this the bottom line:  reduced absenteeism equals a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity.

The purpose of our EAP is to reduce the amount of time employees take away from work, and to ensure that when they return, they do so with renewed strength, optimal metal health and well-BEING.  The primary goal of our EAP is to ensure the mental health of employees so that they can consistently contribute to the growth of your company.  Wholeness Healing’s EAP covers everything from mental illness, stress-related illnesses, drug and alcohol addictions, to family-related stress, and marital problems. By providing an EAP service, absenteeism can be significantly reduced, if not avoided all together.

If you are interested in decreasing absenteeism in your business by providing Wholeness Healing’s EAP services to your employees, you may contact Dawyn Otto, EAP Administrator at 308-382-5297 Ext. 127. Or if you wish your company to offer an EAP, please share this article with your HR person.

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