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Partner with Us to Bring a Wellness Program to Your Employees

As I travel throughout central Nebraska talking to business people about our Employee Assistance Program, one of the buzz words that I hear is “wellness” and the importance of developing a Wellness Plan for their employees.  The definition of wellness is “the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health”.  Wellness is about making healthy choices and a state of well-being.  Research studies related to wellness indicate that Americans who take good care of themselves and make healthy lifestyle choices are healthier, happier, and more productive, miss work less and have lower healthcare costs. (Wellness Proposals, 2006-2013).  Businesses owners know their employees are more focused and productive when they are physically and mentally healthy and thriving in wellness and well-Being.

Situations and challenges happen in people’s lives which affect their overall health.  Whether it is the loss of a loved one, trouble in a marriage, financial concerns, family issues, stress and anxiety, depression, addiction, or health issues due to smoking or weight issues, these all do affect well-Being. Having a wellness program that addresses the unique needs of each employee is difficult, time-consuming and may be out of the realm of small business owner’s resources.  We can help fill in the gap in this area or bridge the gap for the unique services that each employee may require towards his/her own wellness.

Wholeness Healing Center’s EAP can partner with you and your Wellness plan or be your Wellness plan.  Talking with one of our trained therapists, our EAP can help employees find ways to overcome their challenges and work towards a healthier life.  Not only does our EAP provide traditional counseling, we also provide holistic services as well such as the Migun Massage facility, our Energy Enhancement System, neurofeedback – brain training and/or Individual and Group Hypnotherapy.  We offer a Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Group for those employees that are trying to quit smoking and obtain better health.  We also have a Trim Life Hypnotherapy Group for those employees wanting to eat healthier and lose those unwanted pounds.  We also offer an array of Mindfulness programs.

These services can help your employees get back on track to better health and wellness.  Another opportunity for wellness is with our Work Life Website.  This website provides information, tips, and on demand in-services that can help employees with financial fitness, budgeting, getting ready for retirement, and tips for exercising and eating healthy and more.  Our EAP provides the whole package. Through this service, your employees have the opportunity to bring well-Being into their life and create a happier and healthier employee.  Call us to schedule time to discuss how we can partner with you in bringing and enhanced Wellness Plan to your employees for their continued well-Being.  Contact Dawyn Otto, EAP Administrator at 308-382-5297 Ext. 127.

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