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Be Happy No Matter What: A Book Review

Ellen Seigel’s book, Be Happy No Matter What: 5 Steps to Inner Freedom, was the latest book I picked up. I had found it on the shelf at the Wellness Institute, as Seigel is also a Wellness graduate.  I was drawn to the simple ways she set out to look at your life and then to work at achieving the inner freedom.

The book is set up in four parts. The first part is “Preparation” and features relaxation and moving forward at your own pace.  That theme continues throughout the book, with the author encouraging the reader to really sink into the words, to relax and breathe, at the end of every chapter, to allow the message to really become a part of you.

Part II, the 5 steps, in chapters are Centering in My Self, Appreciating Me and My Life as a Work of Art, Hearing My Inner Wisdom, Honoring My Self, and Caring for My Self. Wow! What a line-up.  The chapters not only provide words of wisdom and direction, but also exercises to really allow the words to penetrate into one’s soul. From the chapter on Centering in My Self: “Giving others credit, responsibility, or blame for your feelings gives away your precious personal assertiveness and power. This is actually your life-force energy.”  From the chapter Honoring My Self: “The more layers of reluctance and resistance that you allow yourself to become aware of, the easier it is to follow your Inner Wise Voice”.  I especially love her view of the Inner Wise Self and the appreciating of that piece.

Part III is about Life Experiences, including The New Me Debuts in Relationships and The New Me Faces Life’s Challenging Situations. This was very interesting, as we often can spend time reflecting on our Inner Self but get lost in implementing it into our daily lives and in our relationships. “Leaving behind the victim consciousness frees you.” In this section the author really shares how her life was changed by her  letting go of what she couldn’t control and really hearing and accepting her validation of her Inner Wise Self.

If that weren’t enough, the Conclusion, Part IV, is a guide to putting all the learning and healings and validations together and making them a part of your life. The Resource section has amazing affirmations, as well as notes to use as reminders.

All in all, this book is a great handbook, simple and direct, easy to read, and just a treat to guide one into relaxing, breathing, and learning to accept the beauty that exists inside you.

Seigel, Ellen, Be happy no matter what: 5 steps to inner freedom. 2012. Clear Path Publishing, Columbus, OH.



  • Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner
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    Advanced Clinical HypnoTherapist

  • Deb England began working part-time for Wholeness Healing Center in September 2004 and began full-time in May 2005. Deb practices primarily in the Broken Bow office and one day a week in the Grand Island office. Previously she had completed her practicum and internship at Morning Star Alliance, working in the Broken Bow and Grand Island offices.


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