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BOOK REVIEW: The Invitation

The Invitation was a book I was given years ago, and I frequently return to it, to help to center and balance myself, but also to re-read words now that I am in a different place in my life. The wisdom that jumped off the pages this time was all new, perhaps more meaningful, maybe more applicable, and even more insightful.

From the book jacket, “The Invitation is a declaration of intent, a map into the longing of the soul, the desire to live passionately, face-to-face with ourselves and skin-to-skin with those around us.” This little 12 chapter book, from Accepting the Invitation to the final chapter, Finding Our Way Home, is a road map into acceptance, staying present, and being true to ourselves. The chapter Betrayal is followed by the chapter Beauty, which helps move the reader into recognizing what can often come out of things that hurt. The chapter Failure is followed by The Commitment, which again is a reminder that while day-to day needs must be met, the picture is bigger, as is our mission. Every chapter then has a short meditation for the reader, helping to internalize more the challenge of the writing.

From the chapter Betrayal, the author writes, “Part of being trustworthy is being able to recognize when our perceptions and judgments are untrustworthy and to cultivate a community that can support and guide us in those times.” (The Invitation, p. 63) She urges people to find the place “the Native Americans call Chui-ta-ka-ma, the place of choiceless awareness, the place where it is clear which choice is a choice for life, where we can make no other.” (The Invitation, p. 66) Trusting ourselves to listen to our truth and accept that invitation to move into that takes discernment, which is the meditation that follows this chapter.

In the Deep Sustenance chapter, the author urges the reader to find and implement spiritual practices that help guide the way, utilizing the structure, trusting the development of the practice, and then being mindful of the truths that are revealed. Whether the spiritual practice is meditation, conscious prayer, writing, reading, affirmations, sitting and enjoying nature, the author urges daily practice, whether alone or in community.

Through the use of personal experiences, along with the invite to find where you belong, this book and the writings within are a gift to help you find the gifts within yourself, to truly find where you belong.

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