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Brain Gym Part 7: Energy Exercises and Deepening Attitudes

This is the seventh part of the Brain Gym explanation. These exercises and postures “help to re-establish neural connections between body and brain, thus facilitating the flow of electromagnetic energy throughout the body”. Many people, in times of stress, operate primarily from the brain stem, activating the “flight, fight, or freeze” mode. “Energy Exercises and Deepening Attitudes activate the neocortex, thus refocusing electrical energy back to the reasoning centers”. The three exercises discussed in this article will be Water, and Brain and Earth Buttons.

Stress depletes the body of water, which is essential for “proper lymphatic function” and although other liquids can be introduced to the body, they are processed as food. Processed foods have little water and can be dehydrating, as are caffeinated drinks. Water aids the brain in achieving “efficient electrical and chemical action between the brain and nervous system” as well as “efficient storage and retrieval of information”. Water consumption helps with all academic skills and is really necessary before taking tests and anytime a great deal of stress is triggered. Water also helps improve both mental and physical coordination, as well as releasing stress.

In the Brain Gym book, a chart to figure how much water a person needs is included. A person weighing 144 lbs. needs approximately 6 glasses of water per day. Water should be taken in frequent small amounts throughout the day. Each person should figure his/her own intake needs.

Massaging the Brain buttons should be done for 20-30 seconds or until tenderness is released. With one hand placed over the naval, rub the soft tissue under the clavicle to the left and right of the sternum with thumb on one point and index finger on the other. This exercise will aid in crossing the midline laterally and help with reading, body coordination, and body balance. There should also be a “greater relaxation of neck and shoulder muscles” and skills involving the eyes should be improved.

Using the exercise Earth Buttons “stimulates the brain, relieves mental fatigue, and makes possible the visual focus changes necessary for looking up and down”. Place the fingertips of one hand under the lower lip while placing the fingertips of the other hand on the upper edge of the pubic bone (6 inches below the naval).

Hold for 30 seconds or four to six complete breaths, breathing slowly and deeply. This exercise will aid in organizational skills, reading, centering and grounding, and the ability to work in the midfield.

The brain gym books are available to purchase at Life’s Garden located inside Wholeness Healing Center..

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