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2021 A True New Beginning to Write Your New Normal!

You always wanted to think outside the box and 2020 has given us that opportunity. Your life has evolved to a different plane. Don’t judge whether you like it or don’t like it. Accept it as it is and know that you can now write a new story for you. Nothing is the same because COVID has affected every aspect of our lives including our work. We spend a great amount of our waking time at our jobs, so why not evaluate your work along with everything in your life, not looking back, but forward?

You have a chance to let go of past routines and experiences and create new routines and experiences. Life now has a different pace and feel to it. Spend some time reflecting on your work and the value you bring to the workplace. Don’t let this opportunity pass. Take advantage of not being able to go back to your old ways and be open to being more creative with your work life. Start fresh right now!

Many times we have experienced things in our lives that have turned our world upside down and we had to evaluate and regroup to be able to move forward. However whatever happened either involved just us or maybe a small number of people. COVID is a new experience that has impacted everyone. We are not alone, but yet we are because each of us has to sort through and find our way. COVID can help you with finding your true self like you never have before, help you bring more meaning into your life and work and send you on a path that you never even dreamed of.

Maybe you hated when the New Year came around because everyone around you was focused on writing out their goals and you had no clue what you wanted to achieve. Now may be the best year yet in setting your goals because COVID has shown us that we can be alone and not be in such a rush. It has allowed us to take time for the beauty around us, reflect and find gratitude to help us move through each day. You have been in training since March on changing your old ways. So why not take some time alone at the beginning of this year to sit down and write out your thoughts about your life, including work, and how you can also be a “difference maker” at your job. Express your gratefulness for what COVID has changed in your life. Reflect and imagine what you can do going forward. Schedule time to let your heart and mind open up to the new possibilities for you!

Wholeness Healing Center is here to help you when your world has been turned upside down or you want to improve your quality of life. Call today to make your appointment! If your employer has provided you with our Employee Assistance Program, you are able to access services for free. Good-bye COVID and hello to my new normal!

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