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Creating Loyalty in the Workplace

Loyalty (loy-al-ty) is defined as a strong feeling of support or allegiance.

As an employer, you are looking to hire employees that will become a loyal part of your team.  Why? Because loyal employees help your company reach their goals and succeed in their mission.  It also saves your company money with fewer turnovers. Employees are also looking for loyal employers because they too want to reach their potential and goals.  Really, loyalty in the workforce can empower both. In other words, whether you are an employer looking for a loyal employee or an employee looking for a loyal employer, both need to work together to be successful and reach their potential.

In many instances, loyalty can be lacking on both accounts.  One way to create loyalty among the workforce is by offering our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  Employee assistance programs cover a broad range of healthcare initiatives.  From smoking cessation to weight release programs to stress reduction, our EAP brings solutions to employee needs.  The effectiveness or our EAP in terms of the work environment is simple.  Employees are healthy; therefore, on the whole they are a lot happier.  Their well-BEING equates to maximized performance.  Employees are also aware that you (their company) are taking measures to ensure their health and well-BEING.  This breeds loyalty and responsibility.

Wholeness Healing EAP is a benefit to employees dealing with work, personal, and/or family-related problems in a confidential manner.  By engaging in early intervention with qualified therapists, an employee is more likely to develop improved productivity, better work relations, and increased commitment to your mission.  It sends a strong message to your employees that you care about them.

By offering our Employee Assistance Program, you, as the employer, communicate to your employees that they are valued members of the workforce, and you establish your company as a caring, pro-employee organization.  This action fosters greater morale and loyalty among your workers, and shows your concern for employee well-BEING.

No price can be put on this intangible benefit.  Company loyalty and concern for an employee’s well-BEING means reduced costs in terms of recruitment and turnover.  This also makes for a more harmonious and loyal working environment. If you are interested in creating a loyal environment by providing Wholeness Healing’s EAP services to your employees, you may contact Dawyn Otto, EAP Administrator at 308-382-5297 Ext. 127.




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