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Dealing with Difficult Situations at Work

Major errors, sudden changes, conflicts, and emotional meltdowns affect every workplace. A popular question in employment interviews is, “Can you give me an example of a difficult situation and how you handled it?” Often full of drama, difficult situations (you know them when you experience them) require maturity, skill, and a cool head.

When you are about to start your career, irrespective of workplace or business, situations will vary from time to time. Complicated things to solve and difficult situations to handle at your workplace will all become a part of your day. Prepare yourself with the ideas and tips we have shared with you. These tips will give you a good head start with handling difficult situations in the workplace well.

Bosses typically know who they will turn to for help in managing difficult situations. Minimizing disruption in the workplace keeps situations manageable. Here are a few tips to help that person be you:

1. Challenges and curveballs happen at home and at work. Don’t be surprised by them. See conflict as normal and change as inevitable. Accept these realities when they happen and resist the impulse to emotionally respond to them.

2. Avoid being pulled into the drama of a difficult workplace situation.

3. Maintain a cool head by understanding that all crises, large and small, have beginning and end points; a resolution will come.

4. When focusing on resolution, avoid blame and over-attention of symptoms.

5. Think: “What’s the real problem here?” to help identify the best approach.

6. Maintain an attitude of “opportunity found.” This “lens” or point of view will help you spot opportunities to make things better. (Belak, 2016)

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