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Fall into Strong, Healthy Work & Lifestyle Habits

As summer comes to a close and we begin to watch the leaves turn brilliant colors and drop from the trees, so do the temperatures and often times our desire to continue the healthy, active lifestyle that was a regular part of our summer routine. It is important to try and continue some of the positive habits you manage to implement at home going into the fall. It is especially important to take these healthy habits into your work life. Try the following as the temperature changes.   

When you’re in the office, varying activity at work isn’t always possible, but try to do this where possible to keep your mind and body fresh. Eat well at lunchtime.Health and nutrition professionals have long agreed that you eat better when you grocery shop with a list and plan ahead with your meals.  Although it may take more effort to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your lunchtime menu, you will be able to reap the benefits of overall health daily.  Use the chance to get up from your desk whenever you can to stretch or walk around the building taking the stairs whenever possible.  Keep fresh water with you at your desk in a small clear glass.  This will prompt you not only to drink it, but to get up every now and then for a refill. Interpersonal contact has benefits for our mental well being, so it is worth sometimes walking across the hall or up or down stairs to speak directly to someone on the other side of the office rather than sending an email. Exposure to sunlight and the outdoors helps our physical and mental health too, so consider going out, even occasionally and briefly, at lunchtime. By moving around and walking when you can, maintaining variety in activity, eating healthy, nutritious food, interacting with others and getting some sun, you will soon notice a difference in your day-to-day workplace well being.

Be a healthy employee and be a role model by not only eating and acting healthy but by displaying a positive attitude.  You will be surprised at how you affect others with a smile or word of affirmation.   

Most of our waking hours are spent in the workplace. So what we do during those hours can have a profound impact on our overall health. A positive wellness culture during the workday can contribute to better health – physical, mental, and emotional well-being for you and your co-workers. Healthy people are more productive, more constructive and require fewersick days and health associated costs. Both employers and employees can promote a healthier work environment.  As an employer, you can institute and encourage healthy changes at your workplace to create the best environment to promote mental and physical health for your employees.

Here are some ways to improve work-life balance:

  • Offer an employee wellness program encouraging physical activity. 
  • Allow for flexible schedules to accommodate employee fitness routines. 
  • Encourage healthy activities like taking the stairs and activity breaks. 
  • Aim to select work sites close to public transportation, walking trails, and fitness facilities. 
  • Offer an Employee Assistance Program.

Employee Assistance Programs send a strong message to the employee that their employer cares about their mental, physical and emotional well being.  A healthy employee has fewer missed work days, greater productivity and less visible stress which carries throughout the workplace and makes for a happier work environment.  When your employees are healthy, health care costs are much lower and many times so are health insurance premiums.

At Wholeness Healing Center, we are dedicated to providing a space that will be nurturing, peaceful and confidential while offering professional and emotional support to you as you make changes that enhance your life.

If you have questions about our EAP program, please contact Barb Ernst @ 308-382-5297 ext 127. 



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