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Great Reshuffle

We have all heard about “The Great Resignation” or “The Big Quit” where masses of employees resigned from their jobs. More recently employees are not quitting but looking at other options for employment, creating a new term: “Great Shuffle”.

Covid 19 forced workers to evaluate everything in their lives including jobs, families and long term goals. Workers left jobs for a variety of reasons. Many baby boomers accelerated their retirement. Schools moved to remote learning and closed day cares forced some parents to resign to help their children with school. Covid 19 caused fear that led to people to leave industries that required in-person interaction. Long Covid has made it hard for some to work. Others left careers that required a vaccination. With stimulus payments and unemployment support, many people were able to quit their jobs. According to Michelle Fox, the US Department of Labor reported that 47 million people walked away from their jobs last year. “The Big Quit” has created a lot of job openings, leaving more options for workers looking to make a change. (Fox, 2022)

Employers are making changes to how they hire and the benefits they offer to compete for employees. The Great Reshuffle is a turning point for work because of persistent labor shortages and higher paying jobs being offered remotely. Employers are focusing on mental health and behavioral issues along with flexibility. Employers are offering access to therapists, coaching and wellness and meditation apps. (Fox 2022).

Mark Perna connected with LinkedIn’s VP of Product Management of Talent Solutions, Hari Srinivasan, and discussed how the Great Reshuffle has set the stage for employers and employees to make a fresh start in four areas. Flexibility – Many employers are looking at updating their policies on flexibility, being more open to change and creating flexible environments. Skill-based hiring – Some employers are focusing on skills rather than degrees which leads to a broader talent pool. Training Opportunities – Many are reskilling and upskilling the current workforce. Trust & Support – Working on reengaging employees with trust and empathy by having more dialogue with employees. (Perna, 2021)

Employers are getting creative and offering many incentives to make the job openings more attractive, but with workers wanting a better work life balance, it appears focusing on mental wellness and flexibility will be some of the most important incentives a company can offer.

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