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Supporting Mental Health During the Pandemic with Wholeness Healing EAP

With the recent impact of COVID 19 on our society, it has brought mental health concerns to the forefront. We have seen articles on how to manage the stress of working from home, how to transition back to the physical workplace, how to help support employees’ emotional health during the pandemic, and handling the anxiety caused by COVID. In addition there are many reports of increased calls to the suicide hotlines.

The pandemic is affecting everyone at some level. There is no way to escape the effects. Even before the pandemic, managing emotions for some employees was already difficult. Some employees would not reach out for the professional support needed because of the financial burden or others because of their belief that it is a sign of weakness or they were afraid of the stigma surrounding mental health.

Regular issues that employees may have already been dealing with include marriage and relationship problems, parenting issues, family conflicts, stress, legal and financial difficulties, grief, anger, depression and anxiety. However, the concern of coronavirus has brought an even greater need to manage stress and anxiety into everyone’s lives. Stress unmanaged can deplete an employee’s effectiveness, create workplace problems and increase absenteeism, creating an even greater need for employees to seek counseling and learn new coping skills such as mindfulness and meditation.

As employers the pandemic has made them more aware of the value of professional counseling for their employees. Many employers are now finding it easier to have the conversations with employees about their mental health. Open honest communication with employees is important in managing a healthy work environment. One roadblock an employer and employee may have is when the employee does not have funds to pay for the professional counseling that is needed. Employee Assistance Programs can be the answer. The plan gives the employee free sessions with a professional counselor dedicated to guiding the employee to find solutions for the issues he/she is experiencing. Wholeness Healing Employee Assistance Program can be purchased by an employer at a low cost. Employees can call for assistance at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reaching out for the support when they need it.

A Wholeness Healing Employee Assistance program is a much needed tool to help your employees through these very trying times. By offering our EAP, you, as an employer, communicate to your employees that they are valued members of the workforce, and you are viewed as a caring, pro-employee organization. Healthy, well-adjusted employees are the foundation of a strong business and we are available to assist employers, employees and their families with their mental well being.

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