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How many of you remember being part of a team while growing up?  Whether it was a singing group, sports team, debate team, school club, part of a theater production or student council, you had to learn how to work together to be productive and successful. As we get into the work force, we sometimes forget how to part of a team or group. We focus more as an individual instead of a group or team. Whether you are working in a department, on a committee, on a project or just with your boss, it is important to know how to work together.  It doesn’t matter if you are the leader or a member of the team each has a very important role to play.

The leader’s role is to do the following:

  • Clarity – Make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what his/her roles and responsibilities are.
  • Safety – Create a fearless environment by developing an atmosphere in which it is safe for employees to ask for help. People shouldn’t be viewed as weak if they ask. This also creates an environment where everyone can think “outside the box”.
  • Supportive – Be involved and supportive.
  • Listen – Listen and communicate.

The Individual/Team role is to do the following:

  • Respect – Respect each other’s viewpoint and include suggestions if they benefit the team.Listen – Actively listen to other people’s ideas.
  • Share – Sharing with the team will create an environment of teamwork.
  • Participate – All members of the team are encouraged to participate.
  • Question – Ask questions, interact, and discuss with the team.
  • Collaborate – Communicate and share ideas.
  • Communicate – It is essential for team members to have effective communication channels.

So, why is being a member of a team important for you in the work place? Good team work will bring out the best in
people and help you be successful. Statistics show that working with a team provides a better chance of success. Your
employer will see greater results, your talents will be better utilized, you will have greater motivation and it increases
communication with your teammates.

If you are interested in Wholeness Healing EAP presenting the complete Team Work/
Building Seminar or Lunch & Learn in your office, please contact Dawyn Otto, EAP Administrator at 308-382-5297 ext. 127 to set up a date and time. We would also be happy to visit with you about other modules that you may be interested in such as mindfulness, Emergenetics, stress management and dealing with challenging people, just to name a few.

Go Team!

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