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Wholeness Healing Celebrates 10 Years of EAP Services

n May 2012, Wholeness Healing introduced their new
venture that allowed us to provide even more services to
individuals and families in the central Nebraska region.
Wholeness Healing Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was
designed to allow businesses the opportunity to procure a
plan in which their employees are provided with mental health
counseling and well-BEING programs.
Since its inception 10 years ago, our Wholeness Healing EAP
services have helped hundreds of individuals and families
access mental health services through this benefit which is
provided by their employer. As of 2022, Wholeness Healing
has EAP employees spread widely across Central Nebraska and
In looking back over the past ten years, it is interesting to see
how the landscape of mental health services has changed.
The COVID-19 Pandemic shaped us as a nation in a way that
was unexpected and many of us are still working through the
trauma of this circumstance. We have been able to access
even more people with our telehealth services as well and we
are thankful for your patience and for allowing us to help guide
you through these difficult times.
Wholeness Healing EAPs are different than other EAPs in that
we offer a variety of holistic services which continue to widen
the range of services to which employees can utilize their EAP
sessions. These expanded services range from the Migun
massage facility to Nebraska’s only true bio-scalar technology,
our Energy Enhancement System.
As WHC celebrates 10 years providing EAP services in our
community, we celebrate all of you who have allowed this
program to thrive. Thank you for your trust and allowing us to
connect with you.

Some of the most common personal issues
addressed with our EAP include the following:
• Anger Control
• Communication Skills
• Co-Worker Interpersonal Relationship Skill
• Compulsive Disorders: Gambling/Internet
• Depression, Stress, Anxiety
• Domestic Violence
• Drug and Alcohol Evaluations/Treatment
• Finance
• Grief Therapy
• Hypnotherapy for Addictions
• Mindfulness
• Spiritual Direction
• Separation or Divorce

If your business or organization is interested in learning
more about Wholeness Healing EAP services, please contact
me at 308-382-5297, Extension 127, or, via email at eap@



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