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Everyday life can be stressful and can affect your health, well-being and performance.   Studies indicate that U.S. Companies lose more than half a trillion dollars a year in lost productivity due to stress. (Woody, 2013) Stress can increase absenteeism, accidents, and increase your health care costs.  All of these stress related problems hurt the company’s bottom line.

Wholeness Healing EAP recognizes the challenges of balancing work with the circumstances and stress of everyday life.  We understand that you may need support that provides you with resources to work out your personal and/or work related problems.  Because stress, whether at home or at work, can affect your health and overall well-being, we offer you a comprehensive program to access the resources you need to help you handle life’s difficulties.

This is why Wholeness Healing EAP not only provides traditional counseling and holistic services; we also offer our clients the opportunity to access a state-of-the-art interactive website component called WorkLife Solutions. This feature provides access to a comprehensive level of resources for both the employee and management team anytime, any day. It features resource articles, assessments, audio and video files covering emotional well-being, health and wellness, and workplace issues as well as child care, elder care, adoption, and education. The search feature allows for instant retrieval of relevant articles, tip sheets, tools, and resources specific to a particular work-life topic.

In addition to accessing articles, employees can find links to professionals in both the financial and legal arenas. These categories include:  bankruptcy, budgeting, buying/selling a home, credit, estate planning, financial assistance, financial planning, insurance, loans, and mortgage information, elder law, estate law, family and divorce, renter rights, hiring an attorney, investing for college, home ownership and retirement.

This state-of-the-art website provides online seminars which are available on demand. New this year, the seminars are pre-recorded and uploaded on the third Tuesday of each month which enables your employees to access the seminars when it fits their schedule.  They have also added an “Ask a question” box which you can type in a question and it will be answered within five business days. This year’s seminars include the following:  A Healthier You, Let’s Sleep on it, Keeping your Love Alive, Home Buying 101, Beating the Blues, Retirement, Dealing with Addictions, Collaborative Caregiving, Effective Communication with Children, Know your Numbers, Making and Breaking Traditions, and Lighten up with Laughter. Employees can also listen to past online seminars as well.

WorkLife Solutions also offers online tools for your management team by providing Skill Builders that help employees develop good communication and management training to increase productivity and success.  Skill Builders combines valuable training with the ease and flexibility of learning online, providing employee training for success both on and off the job.  This year’s newest titles include: Appreciating Personality Differences, Cultural Diversity in the Workplace, Nobody Likes a Bully: Bullying in the Workplace, Recognizing a Troubled Employee, and Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace. There is also a full library of informative articles and resources that cover a wide variety of work-life topics.

Throughout the website, a range of content types are provided – articles, resource links, calculators, self-assessments, audio and video files, online courses, and online seminars to appeal to different types of learners.

A comprehensive listing of features of the website includes the following:

  • English and Spanish capabilities
  • 7 content divisions: Parenting, Aging, Balancing, Thriving, Living, Working, and International
  • 61 content modules
  • Searchable databases for local child care providers, elder care and related services, adoption resources, attorneys, pet sitting, private and public high schools and colleges, and volunteer opportunities
  • 40 financial calculators
  • 70 interactive health and emotional health assessments
  • Over 300 streaming audio files and 30 video files covering a range of health and emotional health topics
  • Monthly online seminars and archives of past seminars
  • More than 4,000 regularly updated articles
  • New for You updated at least monthly
  • Access to TaxACT
  • Skill Builders: 97 online training programs offering printable certificates of completion
  • Learning Center: an interactive feature with articles, personal plans, assessments, audio advice, and quick tips on a wide range of employee effectiveness, physical, and emotional well-being issues
  • Savings Center: a discount shopping program offering your employees up to 25% discounts on name-brand goods and services
  • Relocation Center: an interactive program that allow users to preview communities across the United States, providing vital statistics and a comparison feature
  • 101 ready-to-use legal forms provided by Nolo
  • WebMD access to medical and heath information
  • Creating personalized calendars

For information on how your company or organization can access the benefits of WorkLife Solutions, contact EAP Administrator, Dawyn Otto at 308-382-5297, ext. 127 or at dawyn@Wholenesshealing.com.

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